Here Is How Wearing The Wrong Footwear Can Harm Your Feet

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Wearing ill fitted and uncomfortable footwear can prove to be detrimental for your spine, your joints and muscles. As per studies, close to 75-80% of the adult population suffers from common foot problems. Picking the right pair of shoes is one of the efficient ways of investing in good health. But, we tend to pick our shoes more on the basis of latest fashion trends, their appearance, color and finish rather than on how they make us feel.

Here are a few common diseases that could severely affect your feet due to negligence.

1 . Athlete’s Foot

-Unlike the name of the disease, it does not affect an athlete’s foot. Instead, athlete’s foot is a common contagious fungal infection

-It causes scaling, flaking and itching on the affected areas. The common affected areas is the region between the toes. The disease is most commonly caused due to sweaty socks and tight fitted shoes.

2 . Bunions

-Bunions are described as lumps that appear on the sides or at the bottom of the toe. The problem is commonly caused when one chooses to wear narrow mouthed shoes that are ill fitted.

-The bone at the base of the feet is pushed horizontally outwards and leads to an outgrowth called bunion.

3 . Corns

-Corns, also called as calluses, is a thickened area of the skin that forms hard layers of skin cells. It is commonly caused due to the excessive pressure or rubbing of the skin.

-They are mostly yellow and flat in appearance and over the time become painful. The common reason for this foot problem is wearing ill-fitted shoes, poor circulation in the feet and fragile skin.

4 . Heel Spurs

-Upon regular wear of heels, the underside of the heel bones of the feet begin to grow and begins to gets calcified over the time causing heel spurs.

– It also affects the muscles that run along the length of the foot and connect the heel to the foot. It commonly causes severe pain and makes it difficult for the person to wear different footwear.

5 . Ingrown Nails

-There are times, when we do not cut the nails properly from the corners. This causes the toe nails to dig into the toe and therefore causes severe pain.

-The downward pressure by the shoes most commonly causes ingrown nails. Make sure you trim your nails throughout the length of the nail to avert the occurrence of this growth.

So, make sure the next time you go out for footwear shopping, you give comfort a higher preference. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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