5 Effective Ways To De-Stress While Driving

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Recent studies have proven that driving through packed roads and heavy traffic can increase stress and anxiety levels in the body. Gone are the days when when long drives were stress busters and a way to unwind. We are living in a world where driving on a daily basis can create havoc with our health and well being.

Here are some effective ways that you all can try and de-stress while you drive daily:

1 . Plan Your Drive Efficiently

In today’s world, we have the benefit of technology to help us choose a faster route, a route that is less congested and a time that is least likely to keep us stuck behind the wheel for hours. So, utilize these apps to help you plan your daily driving hours better and get the most out of your commute hours.

2 . Practice Deep Breathing

If you know you are to drive for two/three hours daily, why not make the most of it. While you are behind the wheel, inhale and exhale. Deep breathing has a calming effect on your mind, so it is great option to de-stress during those long hours of driving. All you need to do is, to sit calmly, with some soft music and do deep breathing.

3 . Play Good Music 

Science has proven that music is therapeutic in nature. Make sure you have a good collection of songs for your daily drive. It helps to relax, regulates your heart rate, your hormones and helps to bring down your anxiety levels. Vibrations from music serve as the perfect way to cover those kilometers with much ease and comfort.

4 . Introspect And Relax

Post a very hectic day at work, alone time in the car while driving back home can help you introspect on several situations, reactions and help you reason out things objectively. Avail this time to understand what is disturbing you by either halting on your way and grabbing a coffee with yourself. You may also choose to stop by the greens and spend time with yourself which will help you de-stress.

5 . Walk Down the Memory Lane

In case you drive to your workplace with your friend or colleague, grab this time to talk about old days and memories. Such conversations not only refresh you, but will also bring the optimistic you outside. Sharing your thoughts will help you stay calm and happy.

So, now while you drive to and back from your workplace, make the most of these hours by trying these effective ways to de-stress. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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