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Vitamin A Benefits: Why Is It Important For Your Good Health?

Vitmin A Benefits

Vitamin A Benefits: All You Need to Know

Vitamin A benefits are many and varied, but still people often have a deficiency of this very important Vitamin. Vitamin A is fat-soluble and is a potent antioxidant that performs a wide host of functions that are critical for the functioning of the body. In humans, most commonly, it is consumed in two forms:

Animal-based foods rich in active Vitamin A or retinol

Plant-based foods rich in pro-Vitamin A or carotenoids.

Of the two, animal-based foods (retinol) can be directly assimilated by the body whereas plant based foods (carotenoids) have to be converted to retinol and then taken.

Let us give a quick glance at the critical roles played by Vitamin A in the human body, thereby making it an indispensable vitamin in the human body.

1 . Promotes Eye Health

Vitamin A, the key component of Rhodopsin, an eye-compound that ensures clear vision prevents night as well as color blindness in humans. Vitamin A also checks macular degeneration which is the common cause of blindness in the elderly.

2 . Ensures Healthy Skin 

Retinol deficiency causes the skin cells to dry out prematurely and therefore could be a reason for dry, scaly and flaky skin. Vitamin A nourishes the skin cells and promotes a healthy and glowing skin. Recent studies showcase that a healthy dose of Vitamin A also prevents skin cancer by maintaining the production of new skin cells.

3 . Boosts Immunity

Being a potent anti-oxidant, Vitamin A reverses cell damage caused by free radicals and strengthens the immune system. It helps to prevent diseases such as cancer, flu and the common cold. Deficiency of the nutrient may render you susceptible to infections as well.

4 . Strengthens Bones

Vitamin A helps to strengthen the bones and teeth. A majority of age-related skeletal issues can be prevented if the body has Vitamin A in the adequate quantities. It also plays an important role in the healthy growth of the muscular system as well.

How Much Do You Need to Feel Vitamin A Benefits?

As per the recommended dietary allowance, an adult (man) must have at least 900 micrograms and an adult (woman)  must have 700 micrograms of Vitamin A in a day. Pregnant women must consume at least 770 micrograms of Vitamin A on a daily basis.

Where Do You Get Vitamin A Naturally From?

Carrots, a single carrot has over 200% of the daily need of Vitamin A.

Sweet Potatoes are nutrient dense roots and contain double the amount of Vitamin A compared to a carrot.

Mangoes, the king of fruits is not to be left behind when discussing Vitamin A. One whole mango has enough to satiate your need for a day.

Red/ yellow peppers provide you with the minimum amount of Vitamin A required by the body in a day.

Turkey/ chicken liver, 1 gram of liver is equivalent to about 15% of the daily Vitamin A requirement of the human body.

Apart from these, you may also pick green veggies such as kale, lettuce, spinach, different types of pumpkins, apricots, tomatoes, cold water fish, eggs, whole milk for your grocery basket to fulfill the Vitamin A requirements of the human body. Eat Healthy, Stay Happy!

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