6 Reasons For You To Add Strength Training To Your Workout Routine

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Weight training may sound false to many, whose common perception attached to weight training is bulking up. Clouded by this perception, an overweight person would never chose weight training. Whereas, it is not true. While a lean diet and cardio exercises like running, skipping, jogging or swimming do help in weight loss, when a certain amount of weighted workouts are added to the mix, the process becomes a whole lot efficient.

Here is a list of reasons one should include weight training in their daily workout routine:

1 . Burns Calories 

Focused weight training programs work towards developing the muscles. Muscles burn more fat than any other kind of body tissue. So gaining muscles will enable you to burn calories. Building muscles help you to burn calories more effectively. The more muscles you shall build the lesser fat you shall have.

2 . Improves Balance

In addition to the major muscles present in the human body, our body also has some stabilizer muscles. It is these muscles, that help to stabilize your posture and body balance. It has been found to be added benefit for those who age and are prone to lose balance.

3 . Defeats The Weight-loss Plateau

Most dedicated weight watchers experience that one point in their endeavour where the weighing scales stagnate. Though you keep up your diet and cardio routine, the weight does not seem to go down. This is where the dumbbells will come to your rescue and help you maintain the weight losing curve.

4 . Helps Build Bone Strength

-It may sound rather primitive but developing and maintaining body-strength is very important to your overall health. Strength training helps to increase the bone density and helps to make your bones strong. Therefore, regular weight training helps in decreasing your risk towards bone disorders such as osteoporosis and fractures.

5 . Strengthens Your Heart

Working with weights goes a long way towards lowering the risk for conditions such as high-cholesterol or high blood pressure. Weight training, alike cardio helps to boost the metabolic rate. It also improves the blood flow to the heart. It addresses conditions such as obesity to a large extent.

6 . Prevents Backpain

Continuous hours of sitting straight at your workplace, leads to stiffening of your back muscles and gradual pain. Weight training shall help to strengthen the muscles of the core and therefore lessen the discomfort. Abdominal exercises such as planking can help you keep away the daily backpain.

So, formulate a routine consisting of 3 cardio and 3 weight training session each week and combine that with a good diet plan to say hello to a lighter and stronger you. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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