Super Easy Ways To Plan Meals For Diabetics

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By Dr Dheeraj Kapoor (D.M Endocrinology)

Senior Consultant, Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

In our last article titled, “6 Common Indian Herbs For You To Control Blood Sugar“, we shared crucial information about Indian Herbs that are very effective in Diabetes. Taking this forward, we’re sharing some more interesting tips that you can use to fight Diabetes in a better way. These are:

  1. Restrict your calorie intake and saturated fat content.
  2. Start your meals with a salad of leafy greens/fresh fruits. Salad provides nutrients and fills you up.
  3. While choosing an aata, opt for multigrain aata as it puts lesser burden on the pancreas.
  4. Rice and potato can be included in the diet, as long as they are consumed in moderation
  5. Avoid arbi (colocasia roots),  shalgam (turnip)  and chukandar ( beetroot).
  6. Always opt for fruit instead of fruit juice. Juices, even the home made ones, take away all the fiber from the fruit and retain just the sugar.
  7. Have 200-250 gm of fruits a day. Avoid mango, chikoo (sapodilla), grapes,  sharifa (custard apple) and bananas.
  8. While taking artificial sweeteners, go for ones that have sucralose. Do not take the ones having aspartame as it may increase risk of cancer.
  9. Natural sweeteners are a very good and safe option. These include Stevia plant and lactulose powder.
  10. Do not indulge in sweets as they are composed of simple carbohydrates which are not good for the body.
  11. Stay away from fried namkeens. They are loaded with calories.
  12. You can opt for roasted namkeens instead. Make sure they are salt free before consuming.

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7 thoughts on “Super Easy Ways To Plan Meals For Diabetics

  1. parveen

    My body shape is V type. I eat balanced diet but my buttocks, thighs and lags are just half or even less with doing physical exercise.
    Please guide me sir
    Thank you very much
    Waiting your reply…

  2. r p agarwal

    Sir, can I know actual reasons of increased sugar levels after lunch? It is approx. 160 mg & if takes one banana & light sweet curd it shoots up to 230. Presently I am taking 1 tablet before lunch _ Amaryl 1mg forte last 5 months. Pl suggest remedy.

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