Do You Stretch Often? Here Is What You Need To Know !

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A healthy and nutritious diet, regular exercise along with mindful meditation are some of the key points to a healthy living. Along with workout, all physical trainers lay emphasis on the importance of stretching. It not only helps to prevent injuries to the muscles, improves the range of motion and maintains the body flexibility.

Here are a few things about stretching that you must know:

1 . Do not Stretch Before Exercising

Studies report that stretching before exercise or sports can be harmful to the body since the muscles are in an extended and unstable condition. This makes them prone to injury.

2 . Be Gentle & Slow

Never try to stretch your muscles beyond the comfort level of your body. Experts recommend gentle stretching. Stretching helps to activate the muscles and also makes you more flexible.

3 . Jog & Stretch 

Experts recommend that the best time to stretch is after a light warm up through running, walking or jogging. Due to more blood flow towards the muscles after warm up, they are ready for the intensity of stretching.

4 . Stretch To De-stress

Did you know that stretching helps to calm down the mind and reduce stress levels? Throughout the stressful day, the muscles become tense and contracted. Stretching helps in expanding the muscles and also reduces the physical stress on the muscles.




5 . Holding Stretch May Not Be Important Always

Earlier it was advocated that you need to hold each stretch pose for 10 to 20 seconds for getting the maximum benefit. This was called a static stretch. However, latest research has shown that this is not important and a dynamic stretch can give you the same benefits.

Now that you have an idea of how to stretch in the best possible way, make no excuses and get to it right away. Make sure you take out 10-15 minutes off from your busy schedule for your body is not so difficult. You will definitely enjoy the benefits of stretching in your later years when your muscles will maintain their flexibility. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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