Smoke is No Joke: 6 Tips For Safe Diwali



Experts suggest that there is a sharp rise in the number of patients suffering from asthma and other respiratory disorders after Diwali. Diwali and onset of winter are at the same time in India. The harmful gases released due to fireworks get mixed with the fog in the environment resulting in smog which is very harmful. Here are some tips you can follow

  • Avoid cleaning: It may be hard to resist cleaning right after Diwali, but the dust triggers bronchitis and other respiratory problems.
  • Stay indoors: If you suffer from a respiratory problem avoid going outdoors as much as you can. Reschedule or plan outdoor activities for early in the morning or late in the day when pollutant levels are relatively lower.
  • Keep a handkerchief nearby: Always keep a handkerchief nearby. It helps a lot in keeping the smoke away. It you go out, wear a mask.
  • Always keep a puff: if you have asthma, carry your inhaler with you at all times. Asthma attack can get precipitated by smoke.
  • Wear cotton clothes: Pollutants cause skin allergies, hence, opt for full clothing. Avoid synthetic fabrics and wear comfortable cotton clothes.
  • Consult your doctor: if you develop symptoms like persistent cough, running nose, headache, consult a doctor. People with asthma can increase their medication and should immediately consult their doctor if their symptoms worsen.
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