10 Tips for a Safe Diwali



It is best to have a cracker free Diwali. But if you are tempted, buy them from licensed shops only. Here are some useful tips to ensure that you have a safe Diwali

  • Keep fireworks in boxes, away from children
  • Burst crackers in open spaces like parks
  • Maintain a two-foot distance from the crackers
  • Keep blankets and buckets of water ready and accessible
  • Keep regulators of gas cylinders off, protect curtains from stray rockets
  • If your clothes catch fire, drop down on the ground and roll
  • Pour water in case of burns. Do not smear ointment, butter or any other oily substance on wounds
  • Don’t cover crackers with tin containers or glass bottles for additional sound
  • Always take a candle to the cracker to light the cracker, never do the other way round
  • do not tie Decorative lights and electric lights to metal poles

In case of injuries:

  • Splash tap water (not ice water) on the affected area. Repeat the process till the burning sensation reduces. Rush the patient to the nearest hospital.
  • If fingers or toes are burned, try and separate them with dry, sterile, non-adhesive dressings.
  • Cover the burnt area with moist sterile bandage (do not use blanket or towel).

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