Is It Skin Cancer? 6 Usual Signs You Need To Be Aware Of!

Is It Skin Cancer? 6 Usual Signs You Need To Be Aware Of!

As per the latest statistics, the prevalence of skin cancer in India, has substantially increased in the last few years. Skin cancer is a condition where the skin cells lose control of their growth and proliferation and begin to multiply rapidly and uncontrollably. Therefore, it makes it all the more important to be cautious of the early symptoms that may show up, for an early diagnosis and treatment.

Here are some common skin signs that one should be cautious of, to avoid any delay in the diagnosis of skin cancer:

1 . Alteration in the size

Most moles are brown or black in color, can be round or oval, flat or raised and can be the size of a pencil eraser (or smaller). Most moles are harmless and once developed, remain of the same shape and size. Any kind of change in the size, shape or color of the mole can be a sign of skin cancer or its development. In this case, you should immediately get the mole examined.

2 . Alteration in the shape

In some cases, the moles or marks may be are asymmetrical, i.e. one-half of the mole would not match the other half of it. This should not be ignored and needs to be examined at the earliest.

3 . Alteration in the color and texture

If a mole or a mark has blurred, raggy or irregular borders, there is a chance that it is not a regular harmless mole and should be checked for. Also, if the mole does not have the same color overall, and differs in shades of brown or black, or has a tinge of pink or red, it is important to get it checked. Sudden darkening of the skin may also be a matter of concern.

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4 . Increased healing time 

If you have a sore that has not healed in less than 2 weeks or is not responding to the treatment that is being provided to it, make sure you get it examined for skin cancer.

5 . Sudden eruption or swelling

In case you spot any kind of swelling or growth beyond the border of an old mole or any kind of unusual skin growth or lump formation, it calls for immediate attention.

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A lot of us are likely to ignore the symptoms mentioned above, which could lead to worsening of the indicative skin cancer symptoms. Definitely, we should not forget, that precaution is better than cure. Therefore, if you spot any of these symptoms, book an appointment with your doctor. Stay Cautious, Stay Healthy!

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