Short Naps Found To Improve Cognitive Performance In Elders!

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Midday napping found to increase the cognitive performance of adults by fivefold, study suggests.

-In a recent study, experts from John Hopkins University (Baltimore) evaluated the effects of napping on the overall cognitive skills of an individual in his old age.

-As per the study, data of about 2,974 Chinese adults aged 65 and older was evaluated. The subjects underwent a series of tests that assessed episodic memory, attention and visuo-spatial abilities such as mathematical tests and figure drawing.

-Based on the hours that they slept for, the subjects were categorized in four groups; non-nappers (0 minutes), short nappers (less than 30 minutes), moderate nappers (30-90 minutes), and extended nappers (more than 90 minutes).

-As per the study, the moderate nappers showcased a better cognitive performance compared to short or extended nappers. The reduction in the mental abilities of the non-nappers, short nappers, and extended nappers was five to six times greater than that of moderate nappers.

-Findings were published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

Source: Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

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