Protein Supplements: Who Needs Them And Why?

Protein Supplements

Protein powders are supplements that are rich, nutritious sources of high-quality proteins that are easy to procure. They are increasingly being sought after as a source of nutritional enhancement. It can be consumed in the form of a shake or any other way as per the person’s choice. These powders are created from various sources, the most common ones being whey, hemp, soy or peas. Nutritionists recommend adding protein powder to your regular serving of vegetables and fruits or along with your regular juice or smoothie or shake. People who are regulars at the gym and professional sportsperson make protein powder a part of their regular diet. But this supplement is not restricted to the professionals alone.

So, are protein powders for everyone?

People are dependent on protein supplements to meet the normal protein requirements for the day. If a non-athlete can meet his protein requirements with whole food, supplements may not be necessary. For such a person, such supplements especially protein powders come in handy during certain circumstances.

Protein powders can benefit a wide variety of the population. A few of them are mentioned below.

For those who are on a fat loss mission

Proteins enhance the fat burning process in the body while preserving the muscles. In a study conducted with a group of people trying to lose weight, the participants’ calorie intake was reduced, and one-half of them were fed whey, while the other half were fed isocaloric beverages. Those who consumed whey lost 6% more body fat than the other group.

For resistance trainers

Resistance training is a form of workout that helps increase in size and improves strength. Proteins play a crucial role in increasing fat-free mass in the body and also in enhancing muscle strength. Consuming the recommended amount of protein powder one hour prior to the workout and one hour after the workout will aid in muscle building.

For people looking to control their food cravings

If you are one among the busy professionals who cannot spare time for breakfast or if you have quick hunger pangs throughout the day, protein powders are a great way to reduce hunger. They also add nutrition to your body while doing so. Those who consume 50 g of protein whey powder as part of their diet have reduced levels of Ghrelin hormone (the chemical that informs the brain of hunger) even four hours after consumption of the supplemented drink.

For the stressed professionals

Liquor is not the only tonic to relieve stress. According to researchers protein does the same job without causing any harm to your body. Regular consumption of whey protein has been found to ease the symptoms of depression. Protein reduces the serotonin levels in the brain thereby putting the consumer in a good mood. So next time you are stressed beyond your limits, opt for a protein shake instead of reaching for a drink.

For those who indulge in long hours of aerobic activity

Strenuous aerobic activity reduces the levels of glutathione in the body, which impacts the immune functioning of an individual. Studies show that supplementing with the necessary amount of protein reduces the glutathione levels. If you are involved in cardio exercises throughout the week, protein powders can help you rejuvenate the right way.


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