5 Home Remedies To Prevent Early Greying Of Hair!

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Almost all of us make a deliberate effort to cover up the fewer greys amongst the blacks that we have. Grey hair along with sagging skin, it considered to be the next clear sign of ageing, though that partially does not hold true anymore. Greying usually occurs when the cells stop producing melanin (responsible for giving hair its colour). Nowadays, stress, improper diet, polluted environment are amongst the common reasons for hair greying.

Here are a few natural ways using which you could easily prevent greying of hair:

1 . Onion and Lemon

-Most commonly, absence of antioxidants such as catalase and accumulation of hydrogen peroxide at the roots of hair causes greying of hair. Onion has been found to prevent both of these and hence prevents greying. Lemon juice, enriched with vitamins and minerals, helps to nourish the hair and make them healthy. 

-You can alternately use onion and lemon juice on your hair scalp. It will not only help to ward off dandruff, prevent hairfall but also prevent greying.

2 . Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

-Since the early times of Ayurveda, the use of amla in treating various hair conditions has been well known. The high level of vitamin C helps in preventing premature greying of hair.

-A hair mask of raw amla can be applied on the hair scalp. You may also mix fenugreek (methi) along with amla. It has numerous benefits such as stops breakage of hair and prevents dandruff and greying.

3 . Kadi Patta (Curry Leaves) in Coconut oil

-Curry leaves are enriched with a high amount of vitamin B and helps in reversing the process of greying and restoring back the natural colour. Coconut oil is known to provide deep nourishment to the hair and also prevents dryness.

-Boil a handful of curry leaves in coconut oil till they get charred and mix with the oil. Strain the oil and massage into hair after cooling.

4 . Tea and Coffee

-Both tea and coffee add a natural dark brown colour to hair due to the presence of caffeine. Besides the colour, tea also contains antioxidants that nourish the hair and prevent greying of hair.

-Boil the tea leaves or coffee in plain water with a bit of salt and use the strained water to rinse your hair. Do not rinse hair with water after this process.

5 . Shikakai

-Shikakai is a rich source of Vitamin C and also helps to prevent greying of hair. It also adds strength to the hair and averts the breakage of hair.

-Soak the shikakai pods or powder in an iron vessel overnight. Boil the shikakai in water the next day and rinse hair with it.

It is important to know that lifestyle changes along with these remedies are necessary to lessen the chances of hair greying. However, rather than hopping onto synthetic colorinf agents, you must try out these natural remedies to maintain thick, lustrous hair without any greys. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy with 1mg!

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