Excessive Menstrual Bleeding? These Natural Remedies Can Help You!

Natural Remedies To Manage Excessive Menstrual Bleeding.


Menorrhagia is the heavy or prolonged bleeding during the bleeding phase of a menstrual cycle, where a woman is required to change her sanitary pad or tampon every hour or two due to the heavy flow of blood.

Some of the innate reasons for menorrhagia include

  • The inability of the blood to clot properly. This is a congenital problem, where blood has insufficient levels of platelet preventing it to clot early.
  • Hormonal imbalances, particularly inadequate progesterone, estrogen and thyroid hormones, or elevated estrogen levels after ovulation or during mid-cycle phase
  • Structural occurrences, like fibroids or any tissue growth in the uterus, polyps in cervix region
  • Infection in cervix or uterus

Predisposition to anemia is a common repercussion of heavy periods over a longer time. Heavier blood loss may be lead to reduced blood levels in the body, thereby reducing the amount of oxygen supplied to the brain and other parts of the body, dwindling the productivity of a woman.

However, managing it naturally is the durable way of diminishing the negative effects of menses, without affecting the capacity and energy for work.

Eating fresh and healthy

Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to the diet supplies adequate amounts of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to the body, like iron, calcium, and flavonoids. Additionally, it prevents the bloat during the heavy periods and helps in lowering the estrogen levels in the body.


Iron, calcium and vitamin group takes a dip due to heavy flow. These need to be supplemented adequately, to avoid conditions like anemia or any other vitamin related deficiency.

Common complaints like a migraine, headache, nausea can be dealt with the regular and sufficient intake of supplements.

Avoiding dehydration in body

Imbalance in the hormone levels makes one feel parched. Drinking adequate quantity of water maintains the equilibrium in the body.

Staying natural

Natural ingredients like ginger, fenugreek, cinnamon, Indian gooseberry, honey, mustard seeds, and herbs (like parsley) play an important role in alleviating the cramps and help in improving the heavier blood flow.

Also, drinking herbal tea like the one made out of rosehip, mango bark, licorice, thyme or jujube provides a noticeable relief. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory substance that can be conveniently added to the diet.

Managing sugar intake

Though chocolates are known to increase the endorphin levels in the body, sugars, however, lower the progesterone levels, thereby increasing the already heavy flow during menorrhagia. Balancing the sugar intake can help manage the problem effectively.

Adding Omega 3 to the diet

Fish oils and flaxseed oils are rich in omega-3 content and are known to ease the heavier bleeding during menorrhagia.

Cold compression

Low-temperature causes constricted blood vessels. A regular cold treatment helps in reducing the heavy flow during menorrhagia.

Staying stress-free

Getting enough sleep reduces the blood flow and helps relieve the stress levels in a person. Further, yoga and light exercise can help staying stress-free.

Besides taking a toll on her health, menorrhagia places a huge social and mental strain on a woman. Staying aware of the associated problems and knowing the ways to manage it helps in managing it like a boss and leading a healthy and happy life.

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