How To Be Medically Prepared While Travelling

How To Be Medically Prepared While Travelling

Packing for a trip can be a fun-filled activity with the anticipation of good times to come. However, there is nothing worse than losing yourself over the excitement of the trip and falling sick. You must always keep in mind what could go wrong and take steps to prevent it.

A basic first aid kit is the most important thing that you may tend to overlook while packing your bag for the vacation. Carrying this kit can save you a lot of trouble if your health takes an unfortunate turn during travel.

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Here are a few basic must-haves in your medical kit while travelling:

Band aid: This is the first thing that we must think of when packing a first aid kit. While travelling, even a minor cut can get infected since we are exposed to different public places which are breeding grounds for germs. Covering any cut with a band aid can help it heal faster.

Anti-allergen tablets: Your plans of trying out the local food can turn disastrous if you unknowingly eat something you are allergic to. An allergic reaction could also be triggered by microscopic particles in the air. Hence, it is best to carry some anti-allergic tablets since severe cases of an allergic reaction can even constrict your wind pipe and be lethal.

Paracetamol tablets: Weather changes during travelling may sometimes lead to fever. Therefore, it is advisable to carry paracetamol tablets so that fever can be brought down and you can get back on your feet to enjoy your trip.

Antiseptic ointment: Apart from the band aids which can be used only for minor cuts, it is also suggested to carry an antiseptic ointment for deeper wounds. Since you are constantly on the move in new environments while travelling, there is a risk of hurting yourself. You might consider carrying gauze, cotton and medical tape also for dressing the wounds.

Diarrhoea medicine: With eating out every day during travel, chances are high that you might catch a bug that can give you loose motions or diarrhoea. Therefore, always carry medicines for combating loose motions. Along with medicines, you should also carry electoral water and ORS for severe cases of water/electrolyte loss through loose motions.

Constipation medicine: The reverse of the above might happen when instead of loose motions you may end up having constipation. This can be caused due to a change in the quality and quantity of food. Constipation makes your travel uncomfortable and it is a good idea to take a mild laxative to treat it.

Apart from these medications, do not forget to carry any regular medicines that you might already be taking for conditions such as high blood pressure, sugar or cholesterol. It is important that you continue taking your regular medications at the right time. You must also talk to your doctor about your travel plans well in advance if you are suffering from any chronic diseases like asthma or bleeding disorders.

In addition, you can try and find out if the place you are visiting requires you to carry specific medications like anti-malarial medicines for jungles, altitude sickness medicines for mountains etc.

A medical kit, if kept handy can save you from any potential health problems and allow you to execute your travel plans effectively.

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