5 Simple Ways Of Maintaining Hygiene At Your Workplace

5 Simple Ways Of Maintaining Hygiene At Your Workplace

Hygiene is a critical measure of how a person lives his life. Someone who gives importance to self-hygiene not only feels comfortable in his skin but also helps others around him to work in comfort.

In today’s world, most people end up spending more time at their workplace than at home. Hence, it would make sense for them to maintain similar personal hygiene and cleanliness in their workplace as they do in the comfort of their homes. However, that often doesn’t happen. This is because most employees think that maintaining cleanliness may take time away from work. The reality, on the contrary is that work station hygiene and a healthy environment help improve productivity and boost performance.

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Those who work in shared office spaces should particularly remain vigilant about their hygiene and ensure cleanliness in their workplace by following these simple measures:

Stay clean: Maintaining good hygiene at the office requires more than just washing your hands to get rid of laptop or desktop germs. You must also ensure to keep your desk and surroundings clean too. You can start by maintaining a clutter-free space by periodically ridding your drawers and work stations of trash. Make sure all that your laptop/computer and other frequently used gadgets are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Also keep a hand sanitizer accessible on your desk. The probability of developing allergies and acquiring infections in office spaces that are unkempt and unclean is high.

Smoke, eat, and drink only in designated areas: It is best to eat/drink in the cafeteria or break-out area of your office. However, if you are someone who likes to munch on snacks while working, make sure you get your work station cleaned right after you eat. Even finger food can clutter our work area by leaving crumbs, which can invite pests and lead to sanitation problems. Smokers can use the smoke room if available in the office or go out to smoke in order to avoid problems for other employees.

Minimise paperwork: In this technology-driven world, the use of memos, reports and files has become obsolete. You can easily document, share and store all your important information in your office network and systems. Having less, or no paper at all will not only make office desks more organised, but also keep germs at bay.

Ensure a little ray of sunshine: Open a window or two just for a couple of hours or so in the office. Air conditioned spaces are usually full of germs as there is no fresh air entering the room. Instead of harbouring harmful and infectious bacteria in your offices, switch off the air-conditioners for some time and let in some light and fresh air through the windows for a little while each day. The vitamin D and fresh oxygen also help refresh the mind and body.

Go green: You are not expected to grow a tropical rainforest in your office. A few potted plants should able to give you the necessary effect. Green is a colour that is soothing to the eyes, and the little touch of nature goes a long way towards keeping you healthy. Potted plants and flowers can be kept inside the workspace so that they give you a break from the weariness of work. They also help generate some fresh oxygen, and keep away germs.

A clean and hygienic workplace is a healthy workplace. Try these simple measures to ensure a healthy and safe environment for yourself and your colleagues.

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