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Pain in the mid back has never been a very common complaint as low back pain or neck pain but is now found to be rising speedily among the youngsters. Mid back is the broad area between the neck and the lower back. And, the term mid back pain describes any pain or discomfort felt in that area, which also includes the area where the rib cage connects to the chest region of the spine (known as the thoracic spine).  Depending on the underlying cause and severity, levels and types of pain experienced can be different. It has been rightly said that the road to healing begins with an accurate diagnosis. Sometimes, mid back pain isn’t due to any serious health issues but can be due to some of your daily routine habits.So, let’s understand all the possible causes for the mid back pain.

What causes mid back pain?

1. The poor posture
Repeated pressure on the spine due to incorrect posture can lead to middle back pain. When you lean your head forward or slump your shoulders while at the computer or looking at your phone, your muscles and ligaments in your back have to work hard to keep you balanced. Overworking of these muscles can cause pressure on the nerves causing middle back pain.

Prevention Tip:

i) Make a conscious effort to maintain good posture by trying to sit or stand tall during the day to ease or help prevent back pain.

ii) While you stand, your ears should be over your shoulders, your shoulders over your hip joints, and your hips over your ankles. Similarly, while you are sitting try to keep your hips and back at 90 degrees with your back supported by the backrest of the chair.

iii) Keep your shoulders back when standing or sitting.

iv) Take standing breaks if you sit for long durations.

v) If you have a desk job, adjusting your chair and computer monitor height, keyboard, and mouse positioning can all enable good posture.

2. “O”hh , the Obesity
Research-based studies have shown a positive correlation between obesity and back pain. When the weight increases, so do the risk of back pain. This happens as the muscles are unable to support the increasing weight resulting in back pain. Weight gain may occur because of unhealthy eating habits.Being sedentary can lead to weight gain and back pain symptoms.

Prevention Tip:

i) Try to have a healthy diet and maintain your weight.

ii) Regular walk, exercise and stretching can help you shed your weight and help ease the mid back pain.

3. An unsupportive bra
Yes, that’s true. If you have large breasts, you’re carrying more weight on the front of your body, which can throw off the curve of your spine and lead to upper and middle back problems.

Prevention Tip:

Wearing a good supporting bra provides adequate support and helps keep the weight closer to your body and maintain your posture as well.

4. The “dump in all” shoulder bags
Who wouldn’t relate to this? During some time of our lives, as a woman or a man, you must have carried heavy bags like large women purse(though I’m sure you still can’t find anything in it), shoulder laptop backs or backpacks. When you have to balance the weight of your shoulder bag, it can change the curve of your spine leading to mid back pain and neck pain.

Prevention Tip:

i) Think before you carry your big fatty branded purse. Do you actually need all the stuff there in your bag??

ii) Clean out your purse or office bag often.

iii) If you have an office laptop bag, try to wear both the straps rather than carrying on the single side.

5. Oops!! Your shoes could be the culprit too
Those high heels may increase your oomph factor but are surely not counted in good books of your back. Your stilettos can change your gait and lead to back and neck pain. Well, stilettos are not only to be blamed as a worn out shoe is also equally responsible for causing back pain.

Prevention Tip:

i) Avoid wearing high heels for long hours or on regular basis.

ii) Be sure to replace your worn out shoes.

iii) Invest in footwears with proper arch support.

6. My sleep mate, my mattress
Our mattress unknowingly plays an important role in our lives as we spend almost 7-8 hours on it. If while lying down, you are sinking in your mattress, then that might be the cause of your mid back pain.

Prevention Tip:

i) Choose a mattress that gives you uniform support. While lying down there shouldn’t be any gap between your body and the mattress.

ii) Memory foam mattress for back pain as it is firm and takes the shape of the body.

8. Medical cause:

Mid back pain can also occur due to the any of the following medical reasons:

i) Muscle sprain or strain
ii) Any injury or trauma to the middle of the back
iii) Herniated disk/Slipped disks
iv) Osteoarthritis
v) Vertebrae fractures

Consult your doctor for proper medical diagnosis and treatment.Simple changes in your daily habits can help you get rid of the mid back pain. So, Stay tall, Stay pain-free.

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