Isabgol Regulates Bowel Movement? This & 4 Other Health Benefits!

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Isabgol (Psyllium seed husk) is a part of a plant called Plantago Ovata.It is a great source of dietary fiber. Being hygroscopic in nature (that is, it absorbs water) when mixed with water, it makes a mild laxative that can be consumed to relieve constipation. There is however much more to Isabgol than being just a laxative. Let’s find out!

Let us read further to find out other health benefits of Isabgol:

1 . Regulates Bowel Movement

Rich in fiber and laxative in nature it acts as a bowel regulator that can be used to treat loose stools and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It contains a natural gelatinous substance that takes up water to forms an emollient gel. It helps to absorb the bacteria and other harmful toxins present in the intestine.

2 . Maintains Healthy Gut 

Isabgol works as a wonder for those who do not have a healthy gut. As in case of acidity, it creates a protective wall around the stomach and reduces excessive secretion of digestive acid. It also counters and nullifies the effect of the acid in the stomach. This helps to maintain the health of the gastrointestinal tract

3 . Aids Weight Loss

Daily intake of Isabgol has been found to curb food cravings and reduces the chances of binge eating. It also helps to cleanse the colon and promotes a healthy digestion of the food in the body. As per Ayurveda, it also helps to get rid of the toxic products lining the walls of the stomach.

4 . Promotes Heart Health

Enriched with fiber, Isabgol has been found to significantly reduce and regulate the cholesterol deposition in the body. It forms a protective layer inside the intestine and does not allow the deposition of cholesterol. It also alongside helps to scrap off the cholesterol that is deposited on the walls and therefore promotes heart health.

5 . Treats Piles & Anal Fissures

Rich source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, Isabgol serves as a good option for patients with anal fissures and piles. It softens the stools by absorbing water in the surrounding and allows the easy release of stool. It aids the healing of fissures, as it protects the anus from stretching too much while the person passes the motion and prevents the rupture of healing wounds.

Ways to Use

1 . Mix 8 grams of Isabgol with a glass of milk and have it every morning to relieve constipation

2 . Add a tablespoon of Isabgol with a bowl of yoghurt to control diarrhea

3 . Isabgol helps control cholesterol when taken with oats

4 . Take 2 spoons of Isabgol with water after dinner to help reduce blood sugar

5 . Take 2 spoons of Isabgol with cold water after meals to help relieve acidity

6 . To lose weight, mix a spoon of Isabgol with Aloe Vera juice, and drink this first thing in the morning

7. An unorthodox use of Isabgol is to avoid hangovers. 2 tablespoons of Isabgol with water, after excessive consumption of alcohol,  doesn’t let the alcohol get absorbed into the blood. Thus, preventing a bad hangover the next morning.

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