Health Benefits of Isabgol You Should Know About

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Isabgol (Psyllium seed husk) is a part of a plant called Plantago Ovata.It is a great source of dietary fiber. Being hygroscopic in nature (that is, it absorbs water) when mixed with water, it makes a mild laxative that can be consumed to relieve constipation. There is however much more to Isabgol than being just a laxative. Let’s find out!

Health Benefits of Isabgol

1 . It acts as a bowel regulator that can be used to cure loose stools and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

2 . It helps maintain the health of the gastrointestinal tract

3 . It helps patients with Piles & Anal Fissures

4 . The fiber helps regulate cholesterol levels in the blood

5 . Regular use of Isabgol helps control blood sugar

6 . It helps relieve acidity

7 . It also helps to regulate weight


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Ways to Use

1 . Mix 8 grams of Isabgol with a glass of milk and have it every morning to relieve constipation

2 . Add a tablespoon of Isabgol with a bowl of yoghurt to control diarrhea

3 . Isabgol helps control cholesterol when taken with oats

4 . Take 2 spoons of Isabgol with water after dinner to help reduce blood sugar

5 . Take 2 spoons of Isabgol with cold water after meals to help relieve acidity

6 . To lose weight, mix a spoon of Isabgol with Aloe Vera juice, and drink this first thing in the morning

7 . Use Isabgol powder as a sweetener. Sprinkle it over salads and desserts instead of using artificial sweeteners

8. An unorthodox use of Isabgol is to avoid hangovers. 2 tablespoons of Isabgol with water, after excessive consumption of alcohol,  doesn’t let the alcohol get absorbed into the blood. Thus, preventing a bad hangover the next morning.

Things to Remember

1 . Start with a small quantity of Isabgol, to ensure that you have no allergic reaction

2 . Isabgol must be avoided by those with a history of bowel surgery; it may cause further irritation in such patients

3 . Taking inadequate quantity of water with Isabgol can cause choking. Make sure you drink plenty of water with Isabgol

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