Increased Estrogen Levels May Boost Brain Growth In Females

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Hormonal surge during menstrual cycle (ovulation) found to boost growth of brains in females, research suggests 

-Recent research, conducted by Max Planck Institute (Germany), studied the correlation between estrogen levels (throughout the menstrual cycle) and female brain.

-As per the study, an increase in the estrogen levels have also been found to increase the volume of the hippocampus ( grey and white matter) as well.

-Published literature suggested that estrogen has been found to increase the synaptic connectivity in the hippocampus (by 25%) thereby enhancing the communication between the neurons.

-During the study, the estrogen levels of about 30 women were monitored across their menstrual cycles. The MRI scans of these women suggested an increase in the gray and white region of the brain, suggesting an increase in the volume of the brain.

-Findings were published in Scientific Reports 

Source: Scientific Reports 

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