High BMI Could Be The Reason For An Early Death, Study Reveals


People with BMI above or below the ideal range found to be at an increased risk of early death due to health conditions, study suggests  

-In a study, conducted by the researchers at Harvard, evaluated the pooled data from 239 studies of more than 10 million people across 32 countries. The study excluded people who smoked, had a chronic condition or died within five years of follow-up, reducing the sample size to 4 million people.

-As per the study, people with a BMI ranging between 20-24.9 were at a decreased risk of dying due to the common health problems. On the contrary, those with a BMI above or below the ideal range, were at an increased risk of early death.

-As per experts, an ideal Body Mass Index (BMI) is expected to fall in the range from 18.5-24.9. 

-Findings were published in The Lancet

Source: The Lancet

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