Here Is Why Proteins Are Good For Weight Loss!

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Protein, the building blocks of life, is amongst the most important nutrients of your body required to loose weight. Most people get about 15% of their calorie intake from protein, but if you really want to see those pounds fall off, then you need to increase this to about 20-25%. This will also mean a reduction in other sources of energy, like carbohydrates and fat.

Here are 6 scientifically driven reasons why protein will help you loose weight:

1 . Keeps You Full For Longer

Proteins are filling and they save you from hogging onto unwanted calories. Filling in nature, eating protein reduces your chances of wanting a second serving and prevents you from snacking on high sugar and high carb. Some studies have shown that increasing your proteins to 30% of your calorie intake has made people consume over 400 calories less overall in a day.

2 . Keeps You Away From Sugars 

By combining protein with the right kind of carbohydrates like brown rice, brown pasta, brown bread, you are giving your body the chance to break down food slowly. This has two effects, it keeps you feeling full for longer and it keeps your blood sugar regulated. By regulating your blood sugar you prevent sugar craving post a high white carbs lunch or dinner. This is because the body breaks these carbohydrates down fast leaving you with a sugar deficit causing you to grab that mid day or mid night desert.

3 . Helps You Burn Calories 

Proteins require more energy to digest because they take longer to digest as compared to carbohydrates and fat. So you’re basically burning calories by eating more protein, this is a reason for you to take up a quantity of proteins in your diet. You have to do nothing but eat protein to burn more calories!

4 . Aids Your Muscle Build-Up

Because proteins help build and repair muscles, it is really important to eat more protein on days you work out or on days you do strength training. Always remember that too much of anything including protein will make you gain weight, it is vital to balance all of the elements of your diet to continue to be healthy.

5 . Helps Regulate The Hormones 

Your brain basically controls your weight by telling you when you’re hungry by receiving hormonal signals from the body based on how your body breaks down food. Your hormones signal hunger and the feeling of being satiated. Proteins increase the levels of the satiety hormone and reduce your hunger hormone and by regulating hormones you are less likely to binge on unwanted calories.

6 . Helps You Burn Fat The Healthy Way

While on a weight loss regimen, it is important to know that your body will burn both fat and muscle at the same time. So your job is to keep the muscle developing while also helping your body burn that fat. Eating protein will help keep that lean muscle in shape and ensure that you burn fat in a healthy way.

So, go ahead and include a healthy quantity of proteins in your daily diet and get rid of those extra pounds the healthier way. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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