Here Is How A Quick Nap Can Benefit You Each Day!

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Traditionally, napping during daytime was not been seen under good light and was considered as a sign of laziness and non-productivity. However, latest research in the field has shown that contrary to popular belief, napping is actually beneficial to us in many ways. Napping is a good way to supplement sleep lost at night due to various reasons. Studies have shown that people who take a short nap of around 10-20 minutes in the afternoon are more productive, energetic and alert than those who don’t.


10-20 minute Nap

-Many studies claim that the ideal nap time is around 10-20 minutes since napping longer can lead to grogginess called sleep inertia.

-A 20 minute nap can leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed with a boost in energy since your sleep remains in the lighter NREM (non-rapid eye movement) phase.

-Many workplaces understand the benefits of such naps and have sleep pods in offices for quick snoozes.

30 Minute Nap

-A 30 minute snooze might not be the best idea while at work since it often leaves you feeling groggy and unfocused.

-This is because your brain enters the long wave sleep cycle which is deep sleep.

60 Minute Nap

-A 60 minute nap helps you remember facts and enhances your decision making skills.

-You may experience some grogginess since the body enters long wave sleep or deep sleep.


-The best time for a nap is between noon and 4 pm since it leads to minimum interference with your sleep cycle.

-Sleeping later in the day can mean difficulty falling asleep at night.

-Any comfortable place will do but for an effective nap choose a place with dim lights and no sound.

-Also, sitting in a slightly upright position is recommended especially for shorter naps.

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