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7 Common Habits That Are Harming Your Heart Health

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Despite being well informed about habits that are detrimental for the heart, we often skip caring for the wellness of our heart. Owing to our unhealthy lifestyle and lack of proper exercise, we subject ourselves to damage that can sometimes be irreversible. By tweaking these daily habits we can manage to make a big difference in the life we are to live.

Here are 7 daily habits that you need to get rid of as they may be significantly harming your heart health:

1 . Watching Too Much of TV

-One of the most common and loved pastime for most of you must be watching TV, however, it has been found to be an unhealthy practice as well.

-Sitting for hours to watch the series of programs has been found to increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

2 . Depression And Anxiety

-Studies suggest that depression and anxiety significantly contributes to the increasing cases of heart problems. Stress not only affects your efficiency but also adversely affects your heart health.

-Make sure you identify the cause of the stress, find healthy ways to address it and take note of things to avoid such situations.

3 . Seclusion

-Studies reflect that people who have friends and are socially active live a healthier and longer life compared to those who do not.

-Many of you may feel relaxed post secluding yourself from the world however it is not a long-term solution. Instead isolation makes you depressed and affects your health.

4 . Overeating

-Hogging onto food, eating unhealthy food and consuming more than needed has been found to be the major reasons for those extra pounds.

-Studies show that being overweight is a major risk for heart disease and other lifestyle diseases. Make sure you eat healthy and in moderation.

5 . Eating More Of Red Meat

-High in saturated fat, processed red meat has been found to increase your risk of cardiovascular diseases and colorectal cancer.

-Experts suggest that less than 10% of the daily diet should come from animal and animal derived products.

6 . Ignoring Symptoms

-Family history and genetic factors, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating are some of the risks that put you at an increased risk for lifestyle diseases.

-Once you reach your 40s, make sure you keep a track of the numbers for different health parameters such as cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, especially in case you are predisposed to certain health problems.

7 . Smoking

-Smoking severely affects the lining of the arteries, increases the building up of fatty material in the lining and therefore narrows the artery.

-Carbon monoxide present in the tobacco reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood and adversely affects the heart health.

So, as you kickstart your journey make sure you resolve to get rid of these daily habits that can be severely detrimental to your heart health. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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