Herbal Medicines May Cause Severe Side Effects As Well!

Herbal Medicines May Cause Severe Side Effects As Well!

Recent study suggests that “Herbal Medicines” were found to adversely affect human organ systems causing liver damage and kidney failure. 

-In a recent study, conducted by the University of Adelaide, researchers reviewed and analysed the findings from about 52 studies conducted on herbal medicines and toxicology.

-Many of these herbal medicines are derived from toxic plants and have been found to have toxins. Such medicines are further adulterated with low quality substances to increase the effectiveness of these herbal products.

-The study reviewed that many of the herbal preparations (24%) were found to contain prescription medicines while others included psychoactive drugs, antibiotics and steroids.

-The study also revealed that the most common user of herbal medicines were women aged under 35 with tertiary education.

-Absence of medical labels and disrupted regulations across few pockets of the pharmaceutical space is assumed to be reason for such cases.

-Findings were published in the Medical Journal of Australia

Source: Medical Journal of Australia

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