Heavy Drinker? Try These 5 Tips To Drink In Moderation

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It usually starts with a small drink in a social gathering and gradually picks pace and turns into a habit and you realise that you are now addicted to it. With several studies suggesting the disadvantages of excessive drinking, it is important for each one of us to practice drinking in moderation. As for many, even the thought may cause a havoc for a second, here are a few tips that will help you drink in moderation:

1 . Drink For Your Health

-To drink healthy, one should choose to drink in moderation socially. Not consuming alcohol for a week and then opting for binge drinking shall not be of any benefit, instead can be more harmful for your health.

-For a healthier you, restrict the number of drinks for yourself to a specific number. Drinking does not mean you have to compete with the ones around you and consume as much as them.

2 . Avoid Emotional Drinking

-Often we choose to alleviate the pain and sadness of life by drinking alcohol, as it manages to remove us from the real world and takes us to the virtual world.

-Surprisingly, it has been found to further depress people who are stressed and unhappy in life. Alcohol consumption during sad hours increase anxiety, depression and does not allow the negative feelings to go away.

3 . Watch What You Spend On

-When you are tempted to drink more, set your limit of spending not beyond a specific amount. This shall hold you back from excess alcohol consumption.

-Opt for a hobby such as reading, travelling, playing a sport or participating in a team activity. Spend heartily on something that interests you rather than doing that on alcohol alone.

4 . Don’t Make It A Habit

-Alcohol as a habit, wherein you get into the practise of consuming it every now and then, can be severely detrimental for your health.

-Make sure you do not associate drinking with events or actions as this shall increase your frequency of alcohol consumption. Instead keep it occasional.

5 . See Whom You Drink With

-Simply having a group of friends, who are heavy drinkers, will always tempt you to drink in excess. Whereas, if you choose to drink with sensible drinkers, who drink in limits shall serve as a check point for you as well.

-It is important to have responsible and healthy people in the peer to avoid any kind of situational mishaps.

So, with the weekend round the corner, if you have the dates parked in your calender for a party, make sure you try these tips and drink in moderation rather than binging onto it. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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