Healthy Recipes: Papaya Orange Drink, The Healthy Cold Drink

papaya orange drink

Drinking plenty of water every day is the fundamental practice to stay hydrated and must never be negotiated with. However, sometimes you may want to entertain your tastebuds with something that is more delicious and feels good on your tongue. Whenever we have this kind of an urge, we find ourselves taking a sip of soft drinks or something that is full of sugar. It has been found that drinking soft drinks can cause increased energy intake and weight gain[1]. It is always wise to drink something that comprises of healthier alternatives like fruits, milk, vegetables, etc.

Let’s explore one such health drink called the papaya orange drink, that will help you not only surprise your tastebuds but will also boost your nutrient intake. As the name suggests, this drink is made up of papaya and fresh orange juice and a few more ingredients that make it a healthy choice in these tiring summers.

Here’s what you need to make 1 glass of papaya orange drink:

– 1 cup fresh orange juice. As an alternative, you can opt for fresh mosambi juice.
– 1 cup roughly chopped papaya
– 1/4 cup thick coconut milk or thick curd
– Crushed ice for serving

How to prepare:

1. Mix all the ingredients except the ice and blend till smooth.

2. Place some crushed ice in each glass and top with the smoothie.

3. Serve the papaya orange drink immediately.

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Nutrition Facts:

– Energy: 202 kcal
– Protein: 3.1 gm
– Carbohydrates: 45.7 gm
– Fiber: 4.7gm
– Fat: 0 gm

Benefits of the papaya orange drink

1. This drink is a smoothie. Such drinks are made of pureed fruits or vegetables, juices, milk or other alternatives of milk like almond milk, soy milk, etc. and sometimes include herbs and spices too. Smoothies can vary in their nutrient and calorie content depending on the ingredients that are used to make it.[2]

2. Smoothies can work as a snack or a short meal when you’re on the run and don’t have the time to chew on things. Blending certain fruits or vegetables with a cup of curd or yogurt could be your quick go-to meal that is full of nutrition. The presence of whole fruits or vegetables makes smoothies a healthier and fiber-rich alternative to fruit juices.[2]

3. This smoothie is a rich source of vitamin C as it contains orange juice. Vitamin C is important for bone and teeth, skin health, iron absorption and immunity. Its immunity-boosting ability can reduce the length of your cold and enhance your capability of fighting off such infections.[3]

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4. The smoothie contains papaya which is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins B and C, folate and minerals such as potassium and magnesium. It is low in cholesterol and sodium.[4]

While the summer spikes up, take care to keep yourself hydrated and rejuvenated by trying new recipes such as this smoothie. The papaya orange drink will not just cool down your summers but will also help you increase your regular nutrient intake.

Make sure to try your hands on this healthy recipe.

(The article is reviewed by Dr. Swati Mishra, Medical Editor)

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