Did You Know About These Amazing Health Benefits Of Turnips?

Did You Know About These Amazing Health Benefits Of Turnips?

The many blessings that vegetables have showered on mankind cannot be overlooked. Since childhood, we’ve been taught every day to eat our greens and load on the veggies! Our kindergarten teachers were never wrong. The health benefits of turnips, beetroot, carrots, and all vegetables in general, are innumerable. When it comes to the humble turnip, it is an all-rounder in the benefits it provides. From its roots to its leafy greens to the fleshy pulp, the turnip has a lot to offer to human health.

Here are some amazing health benefits of turnips:

Improve Heart Health

Turnips are enriched by the rare vitamin K, thus possessing impressive anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, turnips are believed to combat heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular illnesses. Turnip greens are extremely rich in fibre content and improve bowel movements, thus reducing the risk of cholesterol accumulation.

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Make Bones Stronger

Minerals such as calcium and potassium are abundant in turnip, thus making it a powerful bone – building vegetable. Eating turnips on a regular basis repairs and maintain bone tissues and illnesses like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis at bay.

Help In Cancer Prevention

Turnip is a cruciferous vegetable. Thus, antioxidants and phytochemicals abound in turnips. During these times we’re all well versed with the benefit of antioxidants. The additional presence of glucosinolates has been speculated to reduce the chances of cancer. The natural chemicals in turnips known as glucosinolates undergo breakdown in the digestive tract.The process produces two chemicals known as indoles and isothiocyanates. These assist the liver in the production of toxins. These toxins fight other carcinogens and destroy tumour cell growth.

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Improve Digestive Functions

Turnip greens flourish in fibres. Fibers are favourites of the digestive tract, as they make bowel movements well pronounced. Thus, digestion improves, and the muscles of the stomach and intestines become healthier. Some chemicals in turnips are also known to protect against bacteria like Helicobacter pylori.

Improve The Health Of Lungs

Turnips are strong fighters against carcinogens and toxins present in cigarettes. The additional presence of vitamin A also fights the deterioration of the lung tissues by these harmful carcinogens.

Keep Atherosclerosis Away

Turnips are vitamin vaults. The vitamins E, C and numerous beta carotenes in this vegetable prevent the accumulation of unhealthy cholesterol. Thus, reducing the risk of Atherosclerosis, a condition where cholesterol causes the damage of blood vessels.

Help Lose Weight

The low-calorie content in turnips makes them an excellent choice for a weight loss diet. The fibre content of turnip greens improves metabolism, thus ensuring faster exhaustion of fats and leading to weight loss.

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