Happy Father’s Day: Gift Your Father A Healthier Tomorrow!

Happy father's day

3rd Sunday of June every year, 21st June 2020, is observed as Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is celebrated across the globe to celebrate fatherhood and to honor every father for their key role in a family and their influence on the overall society. And obviously, the preparation for father’s day might have started with a zing as various gift options are available. Have you yet started shopping to pick the right gift for your ‘superhero’ dad? What do you have in mind?

-A designer watch

-Latest smartphone

-A trendy bag

-A mug with his pic

-Bluetooth speaker

-Cool sunglasses

-A nice pair of jeans and a shirt

-A gift card/voucher

-A nice-smelling perfume

-A movie ticket

-A handmade card

And so on…

But before you pick these gifts, just spend 10 minutes reading the article because your dad is worth more than this. Yes! These gifts can help them look cool and trendy and might help them to stay updated with the changing world, but what is more important for the person who is and will always be a superhero for every child is the gift of health. We are not saying to not gift your dad any of these items but just trying to emphasize on the much-needed gift for the person whom you love the most. This Father’s Day, let’s give them a gift of health and get a health check-up done

Gift Your Father A Healthier Tomorrow!

Believe it or not, most men do not visit doctors unless their health conditions force them to do so. However, it is important to understand the importance of getting medically examined regularly, especially with growing age. This is because regular preventive health check-ups can not only help in early detection but also aid in better management of medical conditions and ailments that can prove to be fatal later. As the risk of various health problems increases with age, it is important to get screened and detect a health condition, if any, at the earliest. 

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Here is a list of medical conditions for which you must get your fathers “screened” or book an online appointment at the earliest.

1. High blood pressure

On turning 30, men must get their blood pressure monitored at least once annually. In case of a family history of high/ low blood pressure, you may start early and monitor it after every 6 months. In the case of high blood pressure, it is recommended to get your kidneys examined (KFT)  and also check your heart health.

2. Elevated cholesterol levels

On turning 30s, it is important to keep a tap on the cholesterol levels periodically. Increased cholesterol levels may put an individual at an increased risk of several other diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, obesity, and high blood pressure. In most cases, it is advised to get cholesterol levels checked at least twice a year. But if you already have high cholesterol level, it is recommended to get the lipid profile done once after every 6 months to know how your diet and medicines are working and be on the safer side.

3. Colon Cancer

At the age of 50s, for the timely diagnosis of cancer, it is recommended to undergo a colonoscopy and CEA antigen screening annually or as advised by your doctor. If there is a history of colon cancer or any type of cancer in the family, it is advised to get screened as it can help in timely diagnosis and prompt treatment. Also, do keep a tab on your diet intake as it plays a key role in lowering the risk of cancer.

4. Diabetes

Certain lifestyle diseases such as elevated cholesterol and obesity may put you at an increased risk for diabetes. In case you have cholesterol or high blood pressure, make sure to monitor the glucose levels every three months. Also if the BMI is more than 25, it indicates overweight and obesity and therefore you must get screened for diabetes once every alternate year.

5. Prostate Enlargement and Cancer

Prostate enlargement in men in silver years (post 50 years of age) is a common problem. To start with, you can go for a digital rectal exam once every year when you are in your late 40s. In case, you have a family history of prostate cancer, it is best advised to get the Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test done earlier to know about the condition beforehand.

6. Seasonal Infections

With the changing seasons, it is important to be aware of seasonal infections such as dengue, malaria, cholera, and typhoid, especially if you are above 60 years.  To avoid these, make sure you practice a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. In case you observe any relevant symptoms, such as high-grade fever, pain in joints, make sure you may get yourself screened for infections without any delay.

7. Eye Examination

Increasing age often has its’ own consequences for overall health. Of these, one is the visual health. If you have had vision-related problems, get your eyes examined every 2 years. In case you are a diabetic, get your eyes examined every six months.

For a healthier tomorrow, it is equally important to stay away from unhealthy habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary habits. Also, it becomes important to opt for the recommended preventive healthcare checkups to avoid complications later. So this Father’s Day, gift your father, a healthier tomorrow by getting his medical preventive health screening done. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

(The article is reviewed by Dr. Lalit Kanodia, General Physician)

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