Family Health And Fitness Day: Tips To Take Care Of Your Family

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Every year Family Health and Fitness Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of June. It helps to create awareness about the importance of community health.

A pandemic like COVID-19 has changed our lives to a great extent. Unlike before, now we are less active and are sitting down more than we usually do. Each of these activities can take a toll on our health in the long run. So this world family health and fitness day, we shed the importance of being an active family and ways to get started!

Why The Need To Stay Active & Healthy?

The American Heart Association (AHA) suggests that adults should aim for a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity or at least 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity, per week. Here’s more on why you need to be an active family. 

Promotes a healthy lifestyle: No matter we are confined to a single place, but we should try to make the most of it. The rate of success improves when families strive to be healthy together. Enjoy family time and have some fun.

Motivates families: Incorporating exercise and a healthy diet into a family’s lifestyle takes a team effort. Involve kids in deciding what to do as this will motivate them to participate.

Builds the bond: The success of one member in a challenge gives other family members motivation to pick up the pace. This gives room for communication and coordination among each other, creating a bond of trust. 

How To Chalk Out The Goal?

1. Make fun an overriding factor: Don’t try to force a fitness regime. Avoid using words exercise, try using names like competition, games, etc. This will ensure a better footfall of the young participants (children). As we know, if it isn’t fun, it won’t happen.

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2. Make choices unanimous: Engage each member of the family. Assign work and ask suggestions, no matter how zany it may be. It’s all about finding a physical activity everyone will enjoy. Every movement counts!

3. Don’t stick with one activity: Pick activities which include physical movement. Shuffle these each week to break the monotony. Make up your own unique games so that all can be better indulged.  

4. Get the heart rate up: Although it might be tempting to skip the daily health routine during these changing times, it is advised to keep yourself motivated. Regular physical activity keeps your heart working at its best and helps optimize your health and well-being.

5. Be aware of the portion size: Feeling forced to stay indoors can be overwhelming and can lead to frequent binging. Eating a healthy balanced diet builds a good immune response. While eating more than required can lead to ailments. 

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6. Remain consistent and challenge yourself: Don’t fall off the wagon and keep your spirits high, consistency is the key. Make a plan to work towards achieving it. Push your limits to know what better you can do with each past learning.

7. Avoid overexposure to news: Do not fall victim and unknowingly become a part of a false news forwarding clan. Remain cautious about what is happening around but don’t let every detail affect your mental health.

(The article is written by Surabhi Joshi, Medical Writer and reviewed by Dr. Swati Mishra, Medical Editor)

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