You Could Drink Without A Hangover Soon: 1mg News Digest

You Could Drink Without A Hangover Soon: 1mg News Digest

1) Scientists may have found a way to eliminate hangovers:
Former British government drugs adviser David Nutt is backing the invention of synthetic alcohol to eliminate hangovers and stop drinking-related deaths.“Alcosynth,” as it will be called, “will become the preferred drink” of the younger generation, according to Nutt.
Source: Yahoo News

2) There’s new evidence that a ‘party drug’ is a rapid-fire treatment for depression
Ketamine – used legally as an anesthetic and illegally in club settings – is emerging as a potential new treatment for some types of depression. A new study found that ketamine was better at curbing suicidal thoughts in depressed patients than a sedative. Researchers have called ketamine “the most important discovery in half a century.”
Source: Business Insider

3) Sleeping with your mobile phone could cause cancer and infertility
People are being warned to keep their mobile phones at a distance to reduce radiation exposure and associated health risks. The warning comes after mounting evidence that mobile phone use could be linked to a string of health concerns including cancer, poor mental health, and reproductive issues.
Source: The Independent 

4) Scared Of Insulin Injections? We Tell You Why You Don’t Need To Be!
Living with diabetes means there is no running away from the regular jab of a needle. Insulin injections are a necessity, yet the thought of piercing yourself with a sharp object daily is enough to send diabetic patients into anxiety. Being a little apprehensive is perfectly normal as that is your body’s way of protecting from self-harm, however, it is essential to overcome this fear to effectively manage your diabetes.

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