Does Drinking Beer Cause Diabetes?

Diabetes care

-Beer is an alcoholic beverage which is consumed avidly since long worldwide.

-Beer contains alcohol, though in less quantity (about 5%), which amounts to about 150 calories.

-A 350 ml bottle of beer contains 13 grams carbohydrates.

-Excess intake of any alcoholic beverage reduces the sensitivity of body towards insulin.

-In the presence of alcohol, the hormone insulin does not perform its activity of breaking down glucose, resulting in elevated blood sugar levels. A persistent rise can lead to diabetes.

-Moreover, alcohol intake also causes chronic pancreatitis and the patients suffering from chronic pancreatitis show diabetes as a common health complication.

-Therefore, alcohol/ beer directly as well as indirectly can lead to development of diabetes in the long run.

-It is best to limit the intake to one drink a day.

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