Are Artificial Sweeteners Good For People With Diabetes?

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No, artificial sweeteners are not good for people with diabetes.

Artificial sweeteners are composed of chemicals that can cause mild to severe side effects. Since it  difficult for people with diabetes to curtail the sweet taste for the rest of their lives, FDA has approved several artificial sweeteners.These artificial sweeteners contain chemical compounds like sucralose, aspartame, saccharin, acesulfame potassium,  neotame,  advantame.

-Studies have shown that there are several side effects of these sweeteners.

-Some of these sweeteners like aspartame cause headaches, anxiety, weight gain, depression and neurological disorders.

-Sucralose damages liver and kidney and causes stomach cramps, craving for sugar and weight gain.

-Acesulfame potassium contains a carcinogen (cancer causing substance) and also causes headache, depression, increased insulin release and insulin resistance.

-Additionally, these sweeteners are known to cause obesity, and heart disease.

Thus, it is better to limit the use of artificial sweeteners or avoid using them as much as you can.

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