Delhi Chokes: Important Do’s And Don’ts for Safety in Polluted City

Image of a person suffering in a polluted city

Disturbing but true, the capital city New Delhi has been tagged as a gas chamber owing to the hazardous pollution levels in the city. Recorded as the one of the most polluted city of the world, New Delhi recorded PM 2.5 levels 14-16 times above the normal safety limit post Diwali. PM 2.5 is an air pollutant which settles in the respiratory tract and lungs and can cause allergies, cough and breathing problems. Experts are of the opinion that inhaling the Delhi air is as dangerous as smoking 14 cigarettes in a day! The growing numbers are expected to cause severe effects on children, elderly and people with respiratory and heart related problems.

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Here are some important  Do’s and Dont’s that you must follow to protect yourself and your family from this health hazard:


-Gargle using warm saline water before sleeping every night.

-Go to a gym. It is recommended to go to a gym or a fitness center rather than going for a stroll or walk.

-Use N-95 or N-99 masks. Do not step outdoors without one.

-Switch on the AC while sleeping at night. You can adjust the temperature as per your comfort.

– Keep the widows closed. Do not open them with the idea of letting fresh air in, since the air is no longer fresh.

-Get air purifiers installed at your place. Specially, if you have small children, make sure their rooms have purifiers so that they can breathe safe.

When choosing an air purifier, make sure it has a HEPA filter to protect against PM2.5.

-Make sure you use a chimney and an exhaust fan during cooking.

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-Skip your morning walks. Particulate matter is significantly suspended in the air during these hours.It is recommended to go out only when the sun comes out.

-Do not open the windows.They will allow the smog/ polluted air to enter.

-Do not roll down the car windows while travelling. Even if its cold, put on the Car AC on a higher temperature setting.

-Avoid lighting candles,incense sticks and other such things in the house. They contribute to PM 2.5.

-Avoid using room fresheners and sprays to keep the PM 2.5 levels under control.

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