Dance Your Way To Fitness: 7 Health Benefits Of Zumba Workout


Zumba workout is a dance-based fitness regime that has taken the world by storm since it was started by Colombian trainer Alberto Perez in the mid-1990s. It is an interval workout which means it swings between low, medium and high intensities in terms of the moves and calories burned. Generally, the workout is done with a fast-paced, catchy number that promises to get your body moving.

The main advantage of Zumba has been the fun with fitness part of the workout which makes it feel more like dancing at the club with your friends than doing a fitness workout. You can opt for organized zumba classes by qualified instructors or buy zumba DVDs and follow them at home. Either way, all you will need are sneakers.


Here are some of the amazing health benefits of zumba workout:

1 . Helps In Weight Loss

Zumba is not only fun but also a calorie burning workout. The exact amount of calories burned depends upon your weight and muscle type but studies have shown anywhere between 300 to 600 calories can be burned in an hour long zumba workout thereby promoting weight loss.

2 . Strengthens The Heart

It is a great cardio work out that cuts down your risk of heart disease and high cholesterol. If you are trying to build endurance, this is the best thing you can do for yourself. Exercising for prolonged periods at this rate can increase the strength of your heart.

3 . Acts As A Full Body Workout

Aside from its heart-health benefits, Zumba provides a workout for the whole body. From head and shoulder rolls that loosen up the neck and warm up the upper body, to footwork that strengthens and stretches calves and ankles, this fitness method touches on nearly every muscle and joint

4 . Strengthens The Core

Zumba strengthens your core muscles as many of the dance moves involve the hip and mid- section of the body.

5 . Gets You Hooked

Workouts can tend to get boring and people eventually end up skipping the. Zumba is enjoyable and  you want to keep coming back. It completely changes the idea of exercise because it’s something you really look forward to. It will keep you on a healthy routine!

6 . Enhances your Mood

Zumba acts as a perfect stress buster. The high intensity moves help the release of feel good hormones called endorphins that uplift the mood and relieve your stress.

7 . Helps You Socialize

In case you sign up for a zumba class, the social aspect of meeting the people of the class regularly combined with the high energy moves has been shown to reduce stress levels


1 . Zumba is a high impact workout which means that it has a lot of bouncy and jumpy moves that may not be suitable for people with back aches, knee pain or any other specific muscle pains.

2 . Zumba workout does not target the back and arm muscles unless you go in for specific zumba toning for these. Otherwise, zumba is for weight loss with fitness emphasis on leg and core muscles.

3 . Choose good quality shoes which have a light tread and are flexible. Zumba in socks, stockings or bare feet are a strict no-no.

4 . Wear clothes that are light and comfortable since there will be a lot of sweating.

5 . Always carry lots of water to your zumba workout since you will be sweating a lot

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Since it is a high impact work- out, you should speak to an expert or your doctor before signing up for zumba classes. So, go ahead, grab your pair your shoes and dance your way to a healthier and happier you. Stay Active, Stay Healthy!

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