Coronavirus: A Checklist Of Lockdown Essentials

lockdown essentials

With several states and Union Territories going under lockdown, we have compiled a list of essentials to prepare you for your stay indoors.

Will staying back at home really help?

Yes, highly likely. By staying at home, you are practicing social distancing. As per the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), social distancing is more important than even wearing masks in curbing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Do I need to stock up commodities of daily use?

No. The Govt. of India has committed to ensure regular uninterrupted supply of daily commodities[1]. Remember, there is no need for hoarding household or other supplies.

Why do I need a checklist for the essentials?

A checklist helps you organize yourself better such as

Reduce number of visits to the market, malls and stores

– Less visits to the outside means less contact with people and possibly infected surfaces

– Prevents any last minute panic.

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Preparing A List

Here is a checklist of essentials that can help you get more organized for a stay at home to combat coronavirus:

Most Important

– Regular monthly medicines for chronic diseases like high BP, asthma, diabetes, thyroid etc) of

– Parents

– Children

– Yourself and spouse

Medicines prescribed in pregnancy. Contact and discuss with your doctor.

For times you get sick

Medicines for reducing fever such as paracetamol

A thermometer for monitoring a fever

Cough and cold medicines including cough drops and lozenges, topical rubs, antiallergics and nasal decongestants

ORS sachets for diarrhea or dehydration

Antacid syrups or tablets

Band-aids and antiseptic liquid to help you during minor injuries

A burn ointment for minor burns

Glucose candies for people with diabetes

Any vitamins or supplements (individual requirements)

Pain-relieving ointments, balms and sprays

Hot water bag/ hot and cold packs

Isabgol powder (if you tend to feel constipated very often)

Food necessities

Supplies of shelf-stable food such as rice, flour, pulses, canned items, ready to-eat food items, all-time favourite snacking items

Vegetables with long shelf life such as potato, onion, bell pepper, etc.

Seasonal fruits (only as per requirements)

Frozen items including peas, sweet corns, meat

Kitchen staples including tea, coffee, sugar, salt, bread, milk powder (as per individual requirements), cooking oil.

Personal hygiene items

-Sanitary pads and/or tampons

-Shaving cream and lotion

**Consult India’s best doctors here**

Household purposes

Soaps and handwashes, to wash away the coronavirus

Hand sanitizer; keep handy when soap and water is not available

-Floor disinfectants and wipes

Alcohol wipes for high touch surfaces like phones

-Toilet cleaners


-Separate towels for every family member



-Dishwashing bars

-Bath Products

-Extra gas cylinder(1)

Baby and child care

-Baby wipes

-Baby food

-Bath essentials including baby soaps, separate towels

-Art supplies and other hobby items (color pencils, drawing books, craft kits, clay moulds, puzzles, etc) to channelize your kid’s energy

Pet essentials

– Food
– Medicines
– Bath products

Work and entertainment

Things for working from home (laptops, internet service, laptop table, etc)

Electronics and spare parts (phone chargers, mouse, battery for watches and remote, bulbs)

Games for family time (ludo, chess, carrom board, card games, jenga, etc)

Bottomline: Let’s step back, stay at home, and defeat coronavirus.

(The article is reviewed by Dr. Varun Gupta, MD Pharmacology and Dr. Ashish Ranjan, MD Pharmacology)

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1. Tweet from Honorable PM as on March 19, 2020.

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