Combating Coronavirus: Tips For Social Distancing

social distancing tips

As per ICMR DG (dated March 17, 2020), India has 3-4 weeks to halt the onset of the stage III. The upcoming 2-3 weeks seem to be crucial to slow down and stop the spread of coronavirus in India. Own the responsibility to restrict it to Stage II by following social distancing and practicing enhanced personal hygiene practices. Here is a quick check-list of tips/tricks for social distancing at home, workplace and in the public.

Tips for social distancing at home

-Avoid visitors at home as much as possible.

-Visit shops sparingly and buy more goods and services online.

-Do not panic buy.

-Stock up medicines for chronic conditions in advance for at least 1 month.

-Avoid outings and travel, for yourself and family.

-Keep children at home, avoid co-curricular classes like dance, swimming, etc. as well as
home tuitions in large groups.

-Use tissues while using lift buttons and throw them in closed bins immediately after use.

-Avoid visiting hospitals, dental clinics, and labs, unless absolutely necessary.

Tips for social distancing in the workplace

-Stay at home if you are sick.

-Opt for working from home over going to office.

-Prefer namaste or hand-waving over handshaking.

-Hold meetings via video conferencing or phone call; defer large meetings.

-If possible, hold essential meetings outside, in open air.

-Avoid lunch rooms and eat your lunch at your desk or outside.

-Limit food handling and sharing of food in the workplace.

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Tips for social distancing in the public

-If you are sick, stay away from others– that is the most important thing you can do.

-In case you need to travel, avoid rush hours and large crowds.

-If you are using a cab or taxi service, ask the driver to roll down the windows, wherever

-While eating out in restaurants, ensure a physical distance (minimum 1 metre) between tables.

-Keep already planned weddings to a limited gathering, postpone all non-essential social and cultural gatherings.

Additional instructions where people are sick 

-Care for the sick person at home in a single room with an attached washroom, if possible.

-Keep the number of carers to a minimum.

-Keep the door to the sick person’s room closed and, if possible, a window open.

-Both, the sick person and the people caring for them, should wear a surgical mask when they are in the same room.

-Maintain distance from other vulnerable family members, such as the elderly (over 60 years of age) or people with chronic illnesses.

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Following these actions will reduce risk to you and to others. Let’s remain watchful and careful for
the next 1 month. Also,

-Wash your hands

-Use a tissue when coughing

-Avoid touching your face

For any further queries, contact the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare on their 24*7 helpline number +91-11-23978046 or Toll Free Number 1075 or email at [email protected].

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(The article is reviewed by Dr. Varun Gupta, MD Pharmacology and Dr. Ashish Ranjan, MD Pharmacology)

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