Compound Found In Mulberries May Help You Lose Weight!

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Recent research reveals the presence of a natural compound in Mulberry that may aid in weight loss.

-Mulberries house several health benefits and in a recent study were further investigated for the ability of its natural compound Rutin in the treatment of obesity.

Researchers from China investigated the metabolic effects of Rutin on two groups of mice, one that were genetically obese and other that were diet-induced obese.

-As per the study, Rutin was found to activate the brown fat (adipose tissue involved in the rapid production of heat) which led to increased energy expenditure, regulated glucose levels eventually leading to fat reduction.

-Additionally, the study also suggested that Rutin was found to trigger the formation of brown-like fat cells present in the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

-Findings were published in the Federation of American Socialist for Experimental Biology (FASEB) Journal 

Source: FASEB Journal 

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