Collagen Supplements Benefits For Hair And Skin

Image showing how collagen supplements helps to slow down aging process

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body, found mostly in hair and skin.  The right quantity of collagen is what is responsible for giving strength to your hair and elasticity to your skin. But with age, body’s natural collagen production declines, and many modern lifestyle factors like stress, poor diet, gut health imbalances, smoking and prolonged exposure to sun etc. can also decrease the body’s ability to produce it. This starts showing on your hair and skin: hair becomes weak and breaks easily and skin loses elasticity with the appearance of more wrinkles.

Supplementing your body with collagen Suplements has the following benefits for hair and skin:

1. Improves hair strength and growth: Increased collagen content in hair makes it stronger, smoother and lustrous. You can find collagen supplements in various masks, serums or shampoos.

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2. Minimizes scars: With collagen supplements, our body gets the substance it needs to connect the tissues with, and connected skin tissues appear as smooth and supple skin with a greater ability to recover from scars due to acnes, pimples and other skin ailments.

3. Reduces dark spots: Dark spots disappear as the skin gets layered with a protective and healing collagen layer. Foreign particles and microbes which cause skin problems and infection are not able to make a seat in the skin easily and thus the defence mechanism of skin is enhanced.

4. Diminishes wrinkles: Collagen responsible for maintaining elasticity of your face is mainly found in the dermis, which is the lower layer of your skin. When collagen levels begin to drop, you will notice fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth and eyes. Adding collagen supplements can help the dermis keep your skin firm and supple. Collagen has been known not only to stop wrinkles but also reverse wrinkles.

5. Boosts production of natural collagen: Collagen supplements activate the natural process of collagen production in the body. Our body cells and tissues pick up the required amino acids that get broken away from the supplemented collagen substances and starts producing its own long amino acid chains in the form of natural body collagen.

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Where to find collagen?

While it may seem to be a good idea to take collagen supplements but the nutrients from supplements are not always easily absorbed or utilized by our body. Therefore, you can opt for some natural collagen food supplements such as wild salmon, green leafy vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, green beans, citrus fruits, eggs, berries, pumpkin seeds, avocados, garlic, chia seeds etc. Another food to boost collagen level in body is bone broth since collagen is concentrated in bones, ligaments and tendons of animals.

There are a variety of topical skin and hair products containing collagen in the form of collagen peptides which are readily absorbed by the skin and scalp pores. Do consult a doctor before using any collagen supplements.

Although you cannot stop the aging process, collagen can definitely boost the health of your skin and hair thus uplifting your confidence.

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