Breast Lumps and Breast Cancer: Facts and Fictions

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By Dr. Ashish Goel


  • All breast lumps are not cancerous.
  • Less than 5% breast cancers are related to your genes.
  • If you have a lump in the breast; do not panic. But be alert and consult your doctor, preferably a surgeon.
  • The risk of cancer would be higher for any women above forty years of age with a lump in the breast.
  • Women less than forty years can also have cancer, so consultation is a must
  • Breast Cancer if detected early; has high chances of cure.
  • Treatment does not It is not always involve removal of whole breast by surgery.
  • It is possible to conserve the breast, and still achieve cure in suitable patients.

Misconceptions about Breast Cancer

  • Cancer spreads after needle biopsy or FNAC test
  • Breast cancer is not curable
  • In all breast cancers, the breast has to be removed
  • All breast lumps are cancerous
  • If a woman has breast cancer, her daughter surely will develop breast cancer in the future

Common symptoms of breast cancer

  • Lump in Breast
  • Swelling in armpit (Axillary Lump)
  • Nipple retraction
  • Skin dimpling
  • Ulcer over breast
  • Blood stained nipple discharge

Screening for Breast Cancer

Women with no family history of breast cancer:
  • Screening is recommended annually in all women above 40 years of age.
  • It is done by Mammography ( X ray) which helps in detecting cancer at an early stage even before a female develops symptoms.
  • Early detection of breast cancer helps in complete cure and recovery from breast cancer
Women with family history of breast cancer:
  • Annual clinical examination by a doctor (preferably a Surgeon) is suggested after the age of 25 years.
  • Mammography is recommended annually in all women above 40 years of age.

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42 thoughts on “Breast Lumps and Breast Cancer: Facts and Fictions

  1. kulwant arora

    Great information. Good job. Please keep updating about various diseases and their signs n symptoms.

  2. drakshwati G

    My grand mother is having breast cancer and her age is 77 years. Now it’s first stage. She is having other problems like blood preasure, 2 months back got effected to her

    1. Dr. Khoobsurat Najma

      Drakshwati, your grandmother needs close monitoring and follow up with her oncologist. we wish her a speedy recovery

    2. Dr Ashish Goel

      Breast Cancer in elderly women are usually hormone responsive and morphologically have favourable tumor biology. They can be treated by mastectomy which is a simple and short surgery, generally well tolerated by most women.
      Most of elderly women can avoid conventional chemotherapy if there tumors are hormone responsive


    Hi sir.. Good information regarding breast cancer.. it’s a useful to the women and it creates awareness too.

  4. anita lingwal

    My mother had pancreatic cancer and father suffered with stomach cancer can I or my sisters can get breast cancer or any other cancer in future.

    1. Dr. Khoobsurat Najma

      Hi Anita, since you have a family history of cancer, we suggest you get regular checkups with your doctor.

  5. Mohammad Ashfaq

    Hi Doc,
    Very informative. Could you write is there any preventive measure to consider to avoid any sort of cancerous in either males or female.

    Please suggest will be great full.

    1. Dr. Khoobsurat Najma

      Mr Ashfaq, thanks for the feedback. We will come up with content on preventive measures for cancer very soon

  6. neeraj dwivedi

    This information is very nice I have update our knowledge so kindly send other information to me time to time

  7. vijender

    My wife is suffred from breast cancer stage 2 the lymph size is 2.5 cm and breast conserve oprated in jan-14 all the axilarry lumphs are removed. Can you pls suggest how much possibilities of survival and how many years are more critical for us she is now under observation with Dr. S P katariya HOD sufdarjung oncho Dept.
    Dr it is my humble request plz reply to me otherwise this massage is only a add of other kind.

    1. Dr. Khoobsurat Najma

      Mr Vijendra, we understand the stress and agony that you and your family must be going through. We are certain that your wife is in very safe hands and the doctors will make sure to provide her with the best care and treatment. Just put your faith in your doctors. We wish your wife a long and healthy life

    2. Dr Ashish Goel

      Mr Vijender,
      Outcome of breast cancer treatment would depend on the Final Pathology Report and Marker status, as well as the response to her treatment. She needs to be on a regular 2-3 monthly Follow Up Schedule for the first 3 years and 6 monthly clinical examination for next two years.

  8. Sanjay

    Hi docters.
    Its very useful information.
    I want to make check up for my wife.
    How to take ur appointment.

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