Acidity? Read This Before You Use Home Remedies!

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Sheetal, a 30-year-old, IT professional, was going through her usual routine at office when she suddenly felt a burning sensation in her stomach. Initially, she ignored the feeling thinking it will subside over time. But in vain as the feeling sustained even after an hour. In fact, she started to experience a slight burning pain and discomfort in her chest and throat. This is when she realized it could be acidity and asked her colleagues for antacid tablets. But none had one. In the meanwhile, her friend suggested to have a glass of cold milk from canteen as it acts as an effective home remedy for acidity. However, she had curd rice in the canteen and went for a stroll afterwards. She felt better but had to take an antacid after reaching home for relief.

There have been times when we do not have access to medications and we prefer going in for home remedies. And acidity is one such common health problems where we tend to opt for home remedies first than using antacids. But there are a few things about home remedies you should be aware of before using them.

Home Remedies For Acidity: Tips To Keep In Mind

As home remedies are easily available in the kitchen, we do not think twice before using them. Home remedies such as mint leaves, cold milk, buttermilk, fennel seeds, ginger, etc are commonly used to get rid of acidity. It is not a bad idea to use these remedies to fight acidity at home however, do not accept quick relief. Depending upon the cause and the severity of acidity, it may even take more than a few hours for the natural remedies to act. Here are a few tips to get started!

1. Opt for tried and tested home remedies

There are many dadi-ke-nuske that can help you to get rid of acidity. Some of the common ones include milk, buttermilk, ajwain, hing, tulsi leaves, jeera, amla, and coconut water. As not all the home remedies are known to aid in treating acidity, it is important to know which ones work. Pick the ones that have been substantiated with proper references be it from an expert or a research paper or have been tried and tested by your friends or family.

2. Know the cause of acidity before using the remedies

Not many people are aware of the fact that the action of most of the home remedies depend upon the cause of it. For example, if acidity caused after waking up or because you have been on an empty stomach for a long time, then taking home remedies such as milk, amla and coconut water may help. These remedies exert a soothing effect on the stomach and help calm acidity. Home remedies such as chaas, jeera and ajwain work best if acidity is caused due to indigestion or eating spicy foods. These remedies work by aiding in the digestion and thus, relieving gas and acidity.

3. Home remedies take time to show results

Unlike medications used to treat acidity, home remedies can take some time to act. The active compounds present in these home remedies may take a few minutes to hours for the active to start working and show the desired effect. So if you back home from a party or are having trouble post meals, drinking a glass of buttermilk or chewing few seeds of ajwain can help. However, if you are in a meeting or are travelling then taking antacids is a good idea as it provides quick relief from the condition.

Usually, home remedies are the most preferred the first line of treatment to treat acidity. However, if your condition fails to improve even after taking these home remedies or if you experience acidity more often than not, then it is best to consult your doctor to know the right cause and get treated. Home remedies do provide effective results but the key is to use these remedies the right way.


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