9 Simple Ways To Avoid Weekend Over-Eating

9 Simple Ways To Avoid Weekend Over-Eating

The best thing after a week’s tiring work  is the bliss of the weekend. Although weekend is the time when you put your feet up, relax, sip some refreshing cups of tea and coffee, but the tendency to over-eat and go overboard with socializing can create havoc with your metabolism. You may be watching minutely what you eat during week days, but you tend to let go and indulge when it comes to weekends. While it is a good idea to take it easy over the weekends with a few indulgences here and there, but eating unhealthy foods can be detrimental to your weight as well as your overall health.

Here are ways to avoid unhealthy eating habits over the weekends:

1 . Remain Active

Yes, you have earned those 2 days to sit back and relax, but you need to get moving as well. Make sure to engage in activities during the weekends and avoid sleepovers. Never miss your regular walks, yoga classes, stretching exercises or gym sessions. The more active your mind and body are ,the more capable you will be to control food cravings.

2 . Get Rid Of Fats

At the very outset, make sure to get rid of any preservative laden foods that you have stacked up your fridge with all throughout the week. Any temptation will be hard to ignore if it is so easily available to you.

3 . Beware Of Binge-Eating

 Weekend is the time when you are completely relaxed and tend to eat more than you are hungry. Keep a watch on the food intake and make sure you take in lots of fluids.

4 . Have Fiber-Filled Snacks

Be it oats or pulses, munch on heavy-fiber foods if you need a snack during the day. Fiber will keep you tummy full, lower your hunger levels and keep overeating at bay.

5 . Choose Plant Proteins

Protein consumption is the best option for controlling weight and plant proteins are a great idea for the weekend. They usually come fresh, un-preserved and easy to cook and digest too.

6 . Keep Fruits Handy

Have a nice tour of the nearest market and shop the fruits that you never had time to have during the weekend. Try to have the seasonal fruits. They equip you with the necessary strength to deal with seasonal ailments.

7 . Choose  A-La-Carte Over Buffet

Whether it’s a get together or any other party, be sure to eat just an adequate amount of food during the occasion. You can choose to go for a-la-carte instead of the regular buffet which usually has more choices for you to massively overindulge.When choosing a meal opt for salads without dressings, baked, boiled or grilled foods instead of deep fried and over cooked foods. Also, practice portion control by using smaller plates, ordering smaller portions and drinking water before each meal.

8 . Avoid Sugary Foods And Drinks

Avoid sugars during weekends as the level of activity is less compared to weekdays. When there is not much of exercise, liver tends to turn sugar into fat and thus your chances of weight gain are high.

9 . Limit Alcohol Intake

Alcohol by itself causes a huge spike in sugar stores and by having too much alcohol you end up consuming more deep fried, oily and unhealthy snacks that are served along. It is okay to have a drink or so, but make sure that you have it in moderation and excessive snacking.

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Remember that over the weekend, your tummy too needs some rest!There are plenty of ways  to enjoy your weekend other than stuffing yourself with unhealthy foods. Join a book club, pick up a sport, watch your favorite TV shows, go for swimming or just laze around with your favorite music playing in the background. Enjoy the days off work with a determined mind and you are sure to have a truly happy weekend! Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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