Monday Blues? Here Are 7 Simple Ways To Stay Happy

Monday Blues? Here Are 7 Simple Ways To Stay Happy

It is futile to try and discover happiness in your designer closet, a three-page long CV or that last vacation that you took to Europe. Happiness is not something that is taught, but something that dwells right within yourself. You just have to give it some space, nurture it and let it grow. While we all struggle every single day with trying to meet the deadlines, trying to look a particular size and shape, trying to please people who matter to us and trying to save money for the rainy day. What we end up doing is making ourselves bitter, stressed and unhappy every passing day. It is important to realize that nothing is permanent in life, it moves on, so you need to keep accepting the changes and challenges in a positive way.

Here are some simple rules to let go of everyday stress and stay happy every day:

1 . Start The Day Early

Early morning is a great time to start as it is a time filled with immense positivity. Starting your day early  gives you time to introspect, look around, stretch a bit and enjoy a refreshing cuppa. You can witness the beauty of nature in the early mornings, with birds chirping around you and fresh air surrounding you. These simple things can make a big difference to your mood and motivation levels.

2 . Make Your Health A Priority

Regular exercise and a proper diet are the basis of staying healthy and fit, both physically and mentally.Studies show that exercise releases endorphins or the happiness hormone and a healthy diet supplements it. It will also boost your confidence, a key component of the happiness quotient.

3 . Invest In Relationships

The feeling of belonging is very fulfilling. Skip the social network and log-in to the family network. You will feel loved and wanted despite all your shortcomings. Ensure that you have at least have 1 meal in the company of friends or family during the day.

4 . Learn The Art Of Giving

To be able to give is a tremendously empowering feeling for mortals. Do not go trying to find a charity just as yet. Start closer to home. Buy your folks a holiday or buy the less privileged people around you some food or feed the stray dogs. Every act of kindness, no matter how small, is very rewarding.

5 . Make Peace With The Way You Look

This is the primary source of discontent among men and women. While you can do things to modify your appearance to some degree, be content with it and accept yourself the way you are. You have not come to this world to please everyone around you. There are other things, more meaningful around you, so focus on those instead.

6 . Express Gratitude

Be content with what you have. Remind yourself that there are millions of people out there whose lives are much more difficult than yours. Learn to be thankful. Practice the art of meditation or any form of prayer that connects you to your inner self. The more content you are with yourself, the happier you will be.

7 . Do Not Take Life Too Seriously

Live for each day, and make it fulfilling and rewarding. Don’t celebrate the successes too much or lament the failures too hard. It probably will not matter a few days later. There is just one life that you have got and no one knows when it ends, so cherish each moment and let go of things that make you bitter and unhappy.

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So, go ahead and implement these simple ways in your day to day life and live a fulfilling and stress free life. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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