8 Ways To Improve Your Productivity At Work


The digital age has brought distractions ranging from the internet to text messages on the phone which we frequently blame for our reduced attention spans and difficulty in concentrating.Our ancestors seemed to have understood the importance of a focused mind and hence we have plenty of stories of meditating yogis. Calming your mind requires controlling and exercising the brain much the same way you need to exercise muscles of the body. This can seem like a daunting task to the people whose thoughts flit from one distraction to the next.

Here are 8 Simple Ways by which you can increase your concentration and productivity at work:

1 . Eat Right

Proper food is the fuel for your brain. Ensure that you eat proteins and carbohydrates that release sugar slowly and keep you energized throughout the day. Never skip your breakfast as it kick starts your system including your brain. Avoid hunger since it releases adrenaline that can cause stress and lack of concentration. Have small frequent meals throughout the day. Carry with you a handful of nuts like almonds, walnuts that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and help in improving concentration.

2 . Do Away With Multi-Tasking

Research has shown that multi-tasking actually decreases your effectiveness of performing tasks. It does not allow you to fully concentrate on one job and fragments concentration. Instead, focus on one thing at a time.

3 . Plan It Out

This is one of the basics of organizing and prioritizing your tasks. Make a to-do list and write it down. Writing it down is important since it gives you a sense of purpose and takes away the stress of remembering everything in your head.

4 . Take Breaks

Sitting and working in the same environment for prolonged hours can get you bored and drive you to distraction. It is advisable to take a break after each task or after every hour. It depends upon you when and how long you want to take the break but do take it.

5 . Exercise Daily

Along with proper food, the other important fuel for the brain is oxygen. Help improve blood flow to your brain by regular exercise. You can also try office exercises or taking a short walk between periods of sitting and staring at your computer screen.

6 . Meditate

You might already know enough about the power and benefits of meditation in building concentration. Try fixing a time and place for practicing meditation. Start with concentrating on your breathing or on an image in your mind for short periods of time.You can also try deep breathing exercises and yoga to enhance your concentration.

7 . Remove Sources Of Distraction

Zero in on the most potent sources of distraction for you and take steps to reduce their interference. You can put your phone on silent mode before starting work or close your email, face-book and twitter pages.

8 . Sleep Well

Getting good sleep will ensure your brain is well-rested for the activities of the next day. Never carry your work to bed and make sure you sleep on time. Lack of sleep can upset your natural body patterns and cause irritability, stress and less concentration ability.Make sure you maintain a regular sleep cycle and get at least 7 hours of sleep daily.

These might look like small and simple steps but when done together, they can be effective in improving your concentration levels and productivity at work. So, go ahead and give these simple yet effective tricks a try. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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