7 Superfoods To Boost Your Memory

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It is a widely accepted notion that for excellence it is important to have a healthy mind and an ability to focus. While we might be looking after our physical well being by staying active, little do we pay heed to our mental fitness. Most of us fail to take proper care of our brains, which controls the entire body. While sleep is necessary, you can also add some nourishment for your brain to increase its agility and concentration.

Here are some Memory Boosting Superfoods that you should try:

1 . Dark Chocolate

Studies suggest that consuming high-flavonol cocoa (dark chocolate) improved blood flow to the brain. Dark chocolate is known to reduce the risk of Dementia, a memory disorder. It increases blood flow to the brain for several hours. Next time you hit the store; look for the chocolate with high percentage of dark portion preferably 70% or more. You can add it to your glass of milk or nibble a piece or two as a daytime snack.

2 . Walnuts

Apart from resembling the brain, walnuts are great when it comes to increasing concentration. They have high levels of antioxidant, vitamins and minerals. Research shows, they are also helpful in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s. A handful of walnuts a day will be a good choice instead of munching cookies.

3 . Mangoes

The national fruit of India also known as King of fruits, Mango is a favorite among all age groups. It is helpful for children facing concentration issues. The chemical present is Glutamine acid, which keeps the brain cell active and hence enhances the memory power. This gives you another reason to eat more mangoes. Try to have generous servings of Ripe Mangoes and AamPanna during seasons.

4 . Green & Leafy Vegetables

The greener,the better. They are the best sources of vitamin B. They help to improve mood, increase our ability to remember, learn & solve problems and increase the overall brain functionality. Include spinach, broccoli, and turnips in your daily diet.

5 . Berries

Berries are packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C. They delay the onset of short term memory loss. Have blueberries and Strawberries at least once a week to delay age related memory decline. You may add them to your breakfast cereals or have them as healthy shakes and smoothies.

6 . Tomatoes

 Tomatoes are rich source of lycopene which helps in maintenance and production of new brain cells. Tomatoes should be a must in your salad. For added benefits, you can have them cooked as delicious soup or add them as a healthy homemade sauce.

7 . Omega 3 Rich Foods

Omega 3 fats constitute about 60% of our brain and play a vital role in healthy brain functioning. Omega 3 fatty acids can be obtained from diverse sources. Vegetarians can include soya bean oil, flax seed oil and linseed oil to get their share of omega 3 fatty acids. Others can include fish at least once a week in their diet. The fish can be grilled or baked but not fried.

Consuming the above mentioned foods along with a sound sleep of 6 to 7 hours will go a long way in enhancing your memory and concentration. So go ahead and give these superfoods a try. Stay healthy, Stay Happy!


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