7 Common Myths About Alcohol Debunked!

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A lot of us try to defend our drinking habits by citing imaginary benefits of alcohol. With a lot of research that backs the ill-effects of alcohol, there are some myths about alcohol that are read true by a lot of us. Here are a few common myths about the ‘benefits’ of alcohol which are not true:

MYTH #1: Alcohol Is Not Harming You If You Are Not Getting Drunk

FACT: This is not true. When you consume alcohol, it is absorbed into the blood stream and distributed across the body. Alcohol consumption causes both physical and emotional changes that can adversely harm your body. So in reality, alcohol tolerance is an indicator of unhealthy body and ill-health.

MYTH #2: Alcohol Lowers Cholesterol  

FACT: Though small quantities of red wine are known to improve cardiovascular health, continued drinking causes a spike in cholesterol, leading to plaque building in the arteries. Alcohol consumption in the long run, puts you at a heightened risk of heart-attacks.

MYTH #3: Alcohol Does Not Affect The Brain In the Long Run 

FACT: Recent scientific studies have shown that though alcohol causes long term damage to the brain. Additionally, it does cause temporary impairment of judgement and decision making and is the principal reason behind a majority of accident related deaths in India. Drinking may also lead to a neural disorder called neuropathy, wherein the patient suffers from sudden weakness, pain and numbness of the body.

MYTH #4: Alcohol Adds Spice To Your Sex Life 

FACT: This is not true. Studies have revealed that drinking can hinder the chances of conceiving in women. It also drastically reduces the sperm count in men. One of the most common problems among men, erectile dysfunction, is a common outcome of heavy drinking. So if you are in the habit of heavy drinking, the chances of healthy parenthood are slim.

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MYTH #5: Alcohol Makes You Feel Young 

FACT: This is perhaps the most common misconception. Alcohol has been found to cause bone deterioration in adults and may lead to arthritis and osteoporosis. Moreover, while drinking, a lot of free radicals enter the bodies that cause cell damage and therefore accelerate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

MYTH #6: Alcohol Improves Your Immunity   

FACT: While alcohol naturally has anti-septic properties, consuming it in the form of beverages sabotage your immune system making you susceptible to diseases like tuberculosis, renal-failure and pneumonia. So, it is absolutely false to say that it improves the immunity of an individual.

So, post being informed about these myths about alcohol consumption, hope they shall serve good enough to keep you off the bar-stool and practice drinking in moderation. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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