6 Practical Ways To Manage Headache without Medicines

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Headache is one of the most common health problems that bothers people of all genders and ages. Some of the common causes of headache include stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, improper diet, excessive alcohol intake, eye strain, high blood pressure, migraine, smoking and pollution. While you can take over the counter medications like paracetamol for instant relief, here are some natural ways to manage headache effectively.


Here are some ways to manage headache:

1 . Take Some Time Off

-Let not this fast paced lives take a toll on your life, instead, make sure you take a break and relax right away when you feel being hit by a headache.

-Wear lose clothes and lie down in dim lights and try and get sleep.

2 . Try Heat Therapy 

-Place hot compress such as a towel soaked in warm water on your forehead and relax in a room with dim or no lights.

-Studies show that in many cases warm shower has been found to relax headaches and makes one feel more relaxed.

3 . Make Lifestyle Changes

-Food may also be a trigger in some cases such as, food high in monosodium glutamate (MSG), high in salt and nitrates.

-Eat healthy food that includes veggies, fruits and whole grains. Skipping meals causes low blood sugar and therefore headaches.

-Include nuts in your diet. High in essential fatty acids and other salicin, they help to reduce pain significantly.

4 . Try Alternative Therapies 


-Scientifically backed technique that involves stimulation of points, involves penetrating the skin with thin, solid, metallic needles manually or by electrical stimulation.

-Research suggested acupuncture to be beneficial in certain chronic pains and reduce the frequency of tension headaches and thereby prevent migraine and headache.


Restorative Yoga that involves yoga poses and healing through relaxation techniques with conscious breathing has been found to benefit chronic pain patients including migraine.

5 . Massage Using Essential Oils  

-Gently massage the area where the eyebrows meet and the temples, with the knuckles to improve circulation and treat headaches.

-Try exotic essential oils like peppermint oil, basil oil and lavender oil due to their medicinal properties. These have shown to open the clogged vessels up, relaxing the muscles, soothing the sinuses and jangled nerves.

6 . Try Herbal Drinks


Well-known remedy for headaches, it reduces inflammation of the blood vessels of the head thereby relieving headache. Smash a ½ an inch of ginger and brew a cup of tea with it and see the effects. It also aids digestion, it reduces the nauseating that occurs during migraines.


Rich in antioxidants, lemon juice soothes agitated sinuses that helps reduce headaches. Prepare a cup of tea with the juice of a lemon and honey and have it warm. One may also grind the skin of lemons and apply it on the temple for alleviating headaches.

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