Joint Pain? 7 Everyday Habits That Are Harming Your Joints!

Image of a lady suffering from a joint pain in her wrist.

Like a healthy body, most people take healthy joints for granted. But people who suffer from joint pain caused by various degenerative joint diseases will know how painful it can be. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic joint diseases can cause minor to major disability and restricted motion of the body. Living with pain every day is not something you want to do.

Hence, it is important to be aware of some daily habits that might be harming your joints.

1 . Excessive Mobile Use

In this age of technology, we are addicted to our phones and laptops. But the constant, repetitive motions of our hands while texting, typing or holding the phone puts strains on our shoulder joints and joints of our fingers. It is advisable to take a break of after every 2-3 minutes while texting. Also opt for simple stretching exercises to keep your wrist and hand joints in good condition.

2 . Following A Sedentary Lifestyle

This one is the reason for a host of our lifestyle related disease like diabetes and cardiac disorders. Doing some form of exercise daily is needed to maintain muscle strength and flexibility. For people already suffering from joint pains, swimming and walking are good options. Get at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise daily. Strength training exercises are excellent for joint health.

3 . Smoking

So, there is one more reason why you should quit smoking- to protect your joints. Nicotine found in tobacco restricts blood supply to the joints hence increasing the chances of developing joint pain.

4 . Not Eating Right

Eating a balanced diet is essential for keeping the body healthy. In terms of joint pain, the nutrients that are most required are calcium and vitamin D. Calcium rich foods are curd, milk, cheese, paneer, spinach etc. Vitamin D is made by the body from sunlight. You might need a vitamin D supplement since sun exposure is very limited in our modern lives.

5 . Wearing Heels

Heels might be adding the style quotient to your personality but it’s harming your joints. Wearing heels frequently can cause strain on lower back and hip joints. It is advisable not to wear heels higher than two inches.

6 . Being Overweight

If your body is heavier than normal then it puts added strain on your joints to carry your body weight. Therefore, a healthy diet and exercise are of utmost importance to maintain the correct weight.

7 . Skipping Doctor’s Consultation

Joint problems can be treated quite effectively if detected early. But since there is often no pain associated with the condition before the diseases has progressed beyond control, it is important to do regular check-ups to detect early warning signs.

With our modern sedentary and stressful lifestyle, the chances of developing joint pain increases manifold. It is important to understand the precautions we can take to prevent the occurrence of any joint related debilitating condition. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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