6 Ways To Stay Motivated In A Competitive Work Environment

6 Ways To Stay Motivated In A Competetive Work Environment

You are feeling totally lost in the chaotic, competitive world. None of your efforts seem to bring in the right fruits and a sense of “drift” slowly settles in. This is exactly the time for self- introspection when you should veer in a little inwards and listen to your heart. Read on further to discover ways to maintain the tempo while also ushering in positivity in an otherwise “seemingly” gloomy environment.

1 . Stop comparing

The worst thing you can do is to compare yourself with your peer group. Simply comparing your position with someone else’s and constantly pitying yourself is the greatest damage you can do to your own self-respect. Understand that each person has his own set of struggles that you may not be aware of.

2 . Step out of your comfort zone

Nothing can replace hard work done with complete devotion. If you truly want to succeed, you have to push your limits. Continuous daily efforts towards your destination will keep you motivated, positive and will eradicate any doubts from your mind.

3 . Discover your passion

Never ever say good-bye to your passion. Your passion is the only thing which can temporarily transfer you from a world of duties to a place where your inner talents can be honed and you can find true peace. Work for some people is only a means to pay their bills and this cannot motivate you for long.

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4 . Be open to criticism

In a tough work environment, praises and criticism are part and parcel of everyday life. Try to embrace criticism with a positive bent of mind. Think of ways to improve a wrong situation rather than fretting. This will ensure that your supervisors consider you as receptive and will be eager to talk to you more often.

5 . Stop procrastinating

Regular procrastination can mean your work piling up each day with endless undone to-do lists and a feeling of hopelessness setting in. If you are unable to speed up, start making small goals. The trick is to tackle the most mind-boggling activity first which is silently bothering you. Keep pushing your limits, but slowly. Reward yourself with every task done.

6 . Be in good company

All said and done, never forget that the friends you make along the journey of life influence you and shape your destiny to a great extent. Good company can also come from good books by motivational writers. Whatever be the source, make sure that you surrounded by positive thoughts and shun all negative vibes coming your way.

Start each day with a positive thought. Focusing on the positive events in your life will ensure that you can now see the glass as half full or better yet refillable!

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