6 Useful Tips To Take Care Of Your Underarms

6 Useful Tips To Take Care Of Your Underarms

Throwing up arms in the air is the first sign of enjoying the lovely moments of life. But, research shows that about ninety percent women avoid doing that, not because they do not want to express their happiness, but due to an unhealthy underarm skin.

Underarms are one of the most sensitive areas of our body while being the most neglected one too. The problems related to underarms range from odor to wetness, to discoloration (or dark patches), to soreness and itchiness. These common complaints prevent women to get into elegant robes, that pretty sleeveless dress they had been reserved for the club night, or a stunning blouse for a saree that was to be draped at a cocktail party.

How to achieve healthy and fresh armpits?

Following basic care for the underarms may help. However, it is necessary to visit a clinical expert for any particular condition that needs a professional attention.

1. Avoid antiperspirants

Sweating is a natural phenomenon, due to the presence of pores on the skin surface. The process, rather, helps us to get rid of the toxic waste in the body. Antiperspirants block these sweat ducts, especially due to the presence of aluminum, and are the most common reason for an itchy skin under at the armpits.

However, it is equally essential to stay dry. Using natural methods like tea tree essential oils, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, lemon and even natural deodorants, may help avoid itchy and sweaty underarms.

2. Providing extra care to the sensitive area

A regular use of facial products for this delicate area of the body provides the correct gentle care it needs because these products tend to be less harsh than those being used for the entire body. Cleansing and moisturizing and regular exfoliation help keep the underarms fresh.

3. Hair removal

Shaving, waxing and laser treatment are some of the effective methods of hair removal and maintaining the basic hygiene of the area. Gentle exfoliation before removing the hair makes the process less painful and long-lasting. Regular hair removal keeps the area soft and smooth and reduces the chances of an irritated skin.

4. Taking care of the odor

Using deodorants and antiperspirants that contain linseed oil help prevent the unpleasant body odor, without introducing any itchiness or rashes. Odor can also be treated naturally, using lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

5. Preventing skin darkening

Underarm hyper-pigmentation and excessive darkening may be caused due to various reasons- including excessive use of harsh deodorants, hormonal changes in the body and excessive UV exposure. This can be treated by masks prepared from natural ingredients, like turmeric, activated charcoal and honey.

6. Letting the skin breathe

Providing ample rest to the body, reducing stress and eating healthy guarantees a fresh and a glowing skin, naturally. A rejuvenated skin radiates more energy than any of the corrective measures.

Like any other part of the body, underarms are equally important and need an extra care owing to its sensitive nature. A healthy and happy skin at the armpits clearly makes it, even more easier to enjoy every moment of life, without any worry or embarrassment.

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