6 Practical Ways To Tackle Dandruff Effectively

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Dandruff is one of the most common hair problems faced by both men and women. The causes vary from person to person, but it is usually a result of improper handling of hair and scalp. According to experts, the cause of dandruff is rapid maturing and shedding of scalp cells precipitated by excessive oil secretion. Other factors include fungal infections, improper diet and use of harsh chemicals. By making small changes in your lifestyle, you can get rid of dandruff effectively.


Here are some effective ways to manage dandruff:  

1 . Brush Your Hair Regularly

-Brushing your hair ensures that blood circulation in your scalp is maintained.

-When you brush your hair, you remove dead cells from your head. But brushes with sharp ends will cause swelling and reddish patches in your scalp.

-Use a paddle brush. Brushes that have balls in the ends are even milder.

2 . Avoid Harsh Shampoos

-Certain chemicals in shampoos can lead to dry and irritable skin and precipitate itching and dandruff.

-Choose a mild herbal shampoo that is gentle on the hair and has a compatible pH balance

3 . Avoid Styling Tools

-Heat and chemicals make your hair weak and damage the scalp.

-Straightening, blow-drying, and perming or any kind of artificial heat can cause irreparable damage and precipitate dandruff.

4 . Pick An Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Some of commonly recommended anti-dandruff shampoos available over the counter are Pyrithione zinc shampoos, Tar-based shampoos and Ketoconazole shampoo.

-It is recommended to use these shampoos daily however as dandruff gets better, alternate it with some other shampoo to avoid loss of hair health.

5 . Eat Healthy

-Enrich you diet with optimum portions of green vegetables, fish oil, lean proteins and fruits.

-Include green leafy veggies such as broccoli, kale, lettuce to your daily diet. It encourages and improves your skin, hair, nails and overall health.

-Lean proteins (eggs, nuts, beans) help in building healthy skin and hair. So add these to your daily servings in some or the other form.

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6 . Try Natural Remedies 

Neem has been found to be a remedy for hair dandruff. It helps in relieving itching and also inhibits the progression of the fungal infection.

-Boil 4-5 leaves of neem in water and rinse your hair with this water.

-Dip the neem leaves in the water and keep it overnight. Strain the water and use for rinsing your hair.

-Use the leaves to prepare a paste that can be applied directly on the scalp.

Tea Tree oil, fungicidal in nature, helps in soothing the skin and scalp. Excess of oil being a reason for dandruff can be taken care of by using tea tree oil.

-Mix tea tree oil with water in the ratio (1:3) and spray it on your scalp.

-Pat the excess of the water but do not rinse it off.

Vinegar, anti-fungal by nature, it can be used to get rid of fungal infection.It has been suggested to be one of the most helpful remedies for dandruff.

-It helps in removing the dry skin and dead cells and therefore decrease dandruff.

-Mix vinegar with warm water and rub on your scalp. Rinse it with water. Repeat once every week.

So, go ahead and try these effective ways to tackle dandruff and have lustrous and healthy hair. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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